Posted on June 9, 2023 at 2:48 am

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Diving deep with Sonakshi Sinha as she celebrates World Ocean Day

Sonakshi Sinha has a deep-rooted love for the oceans. When not shinning on the silver screen, Sonakshi is busy exploring the pristine beaches of the world and diving into the depths of the ocean.

Photo courtesy Sonakshi team
Photo courtesy Sonakshi team


The actress who recieved worldwide acclaim for her OTT debut Dahaad. She shared her insights on her love for water on World Oceans Day.

A certified scuba diver, Sonakshi has been an admirer for island life and often visits
the Andamans or a far off exotic shore like the Maldives. An avid believer that that without the vibrant blue of the ocean, we wouldn’t have the lush greenery on land, Sonakshi speaks up about the importance of preserving the waters.

Speaking about World Oceans Day she said,

“I love being in the water, it is really the most peaceful I feel, especially when I’m diving. It is so important to save water, save marine life and save our beaches. I’m glad that initiatives like beach clean ups are taken in the city. I think if we all put in a little more effort in our homes, and ban the use of plastic completely, keep our roads cleaner, we will be making this world a better place to live in.”

Sonakshi who has swam with turtles, encountered sharks, and witnessed different kinds of sea creatures, is an avid water enthusiast.

As Sonakshi Sinha celebrates World Ocean Day. She wants us all to remember the incredible beauty and diversity under the surface of the sea.

As we work to keep our oceans bluer and our land greener. Let’s hope we find the same solace underwater as our Bollywood adventurer.

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