Posted on June 29, 2023 at 3:00 am

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Babil Khan’s bold fashion statement sparks fan frenzy, breaking the mold in style!

Actor Babil Khan, known for his stellar performance in his debut show Qala. He has always been recognized for his unique sense of style and fearlessness in breaking societal stereotypes.

Photo courtesy Babil Khan team
Photo courtesy Babil Khan team


He has never conformed to traditional fashion norms, and his latest fashion choice is a proof.

Babil Khan‘s recent post wearing a trendy crop top with the caption Pepped up and ‘prepped’ up to tap into the quirky side of fashion. And he is receiving a lot of love from fans.

His social media platform is flooded with comments praising his fashion choices. Here are some of the most lovely comments:

A follower wrote “So so charming.” , “AN ICON, LEGEND, HE IS THE MOMENT,” one fan exclaimed, expressing their admiration for Babil’s fearless fashion sense. Others followed suit, with comments like “breaking the stereotypes” and “Hot as always” flooding in. It is showcasing the immense support and appreciation for his fashion-forward approach.


Babil is definitely a trailblazer, daring to challenge conventional norms and carving his own path. The fashion industry has recognized his influence, with renowned designers and fashion enthusiasts commending his fashion choices.

Even as Babil’s fashion choices draw attention, there are also those who can’t help but draw comparisons to his late father. The legendary Irrfan . A follower wrote, “New fashion maestro, Babil classy like your father.”

Babil has always encouraged his fans to embrace their unique selves. And that’s one of the major reasons why the fashion enthusiasts are showering so much love for his experimental style.

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