Posted on May 29, 2023 at 12:44 am

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Urooj Khan to play the role of Inspector Mamta Awasti in ‘Inspector Avinash’

Indo-Qatar Actress Urooj Khan is playing the role of Inspector Mamta Awasti in the latest web show “Inspector Avinash”released on 18th of May 2023 on Jio Cinema.

It is starring well-known actors like Randeep Hooda and Urvashi Rautela.

Photo courtesy Urooj team
Photo courtesy Urooj team

The actress hails from Hasanpur, Uttar Pradesh, and was brought up in Mumbai, her family is based in Qatar.

Before joining the glamour world she worked as an air hostess for 7-8 years, Urooj started working quite early in her life.

In the year 2018, she won Mrs. Asia Pacific Intercontinental and subsequently got a chance to act in a Telugu film Dhaadi. In 2020 cause of the pandemic all activities were stopped and her career was affected, she broke down for a while but Urooj chose to be optimistic. She has a never give up attitude and she still gave her best to look for opportunities, and guess what? She got her first Debut Show “Inspector Avinash” after cracking the audition rounds

It was not that easy for an outsider like Urooj to get a chance to act in films or any OTT shows, like every outsider even she has struggled to get the right role.
The actress approached several casting agents to get a break in Bollywood, but unfortunately, she encountered a few fraudsters who deceive people for money, but despite all this Urooj is extremely optimistic about her life and she believes if it is meant to be we will surely get it.

The Actress believes she learned a lot of things while working on the sets of “Inspector Avinash” All the senior actors like Randeep Hooda & Urvashi Rautela were good to work with the actress says
The director of the show Neeraj Pathak selected her for this role, and her overall experience with all the co-actors, with DOP Chiru da was delightful.
She learned discipline from Randeep Hooda as he was always on time for shoots, and very punctual in all manners, she also mentioned Randeep doesn’t make someone feel like he/she is a newcomer and doesn’t carry the name and fame he has along with him while working, basically a down-to-earth and humble person he is she believes.
Apart from discipline, she developed her acting skills with the co-actor Pravin Singh Sisodia as he taught her how we can make a scene look better, by acting in a certain way for a specific scene, and most importantly the actress gained immense confidence to face the camera, as previously she worked as Model, so she was good with Ramp walks and giving poses, but when it came to acting she had stage fear which she has successfully overcome now.

The actress also went to acting workshops and institutes to learn the art of acting before starting her acting career

Urooj also owns a business in Qatar called Urooj Trading & Cleaning Company supplying cleaners and manpower

Recently she did a photo shoot for Vodafone in Qatar. She loves posing in front of the camera as she comes from a modeling background
Previously she has also done photo shoots for the famous YOU&I Magazine in Hyderabad.

Urooj is a fitness freak as her whole family is into fitness and can’t live without working out, she also practices Yoga for a healthy body and mind
She is a multi-talented person as she is also a certified makeup artist.
Dancing is also one of her passions, and that is also one of the reasons she got a chance for a song in the Telugu film.
After completing “Inspector Avinash” the actress suffered from typhoid and other health issues and was on medicines that resulted in obesity she gained a lot of weight, and for a time span of 1 month she was in a wheelchair, but within a few months Urooj fought back & didn’t let the circumstances shatter her life, now the actress is back in shape and all set to entertain all of us in future with her outstanding acting & dancing skills.

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