Posted on May 4, 2023 at 1:00 am

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Makers of Gerard Butler’s Kandahar are keeping Ali Fazal’s character a mystery

Since the time the trailer of Ali Fazal’s Hollywood movie Kandahar was released, there have been a lot of questions surrounding Ali’s role in the movie.

Photo courtesy Ali Fazal team
Photo courtesy Ali Fazal team


The trailer clearly shows glimpses and silhouettes of Ali Fazal in middle of the desert riding a dirt bike, getting off a helicopter, but a lot of is kept Ali as the mystery man in the film.


The trailer features many shot of a man doing stunts, riding a bike in the desert, getting off a helicopter. This suave, stylish man is our very own Ali Fazal, who is playing a major role in the Gerard Butler starrer.


Shot extensively in Saudi Arabia, the trailers mystery man has everyone talking and the makers are keeping Ali’s role under wraps. As they want it to have a high impact as his role has him doing some high octane stunts and action.


A source revealed,


“Since the trailer had been out, there have been questions about Ali’: character been kept under wraps. People ask us questions like, ‘Why are the makers of Kandahar, keeping Ali’s character under wraps? The intention is to keep the audience guessing and have a large part of the character as a visual surprise on screen.

All the glimpses of the man riding the bike, getting of the helicopter shows Ali’s silhouette against a deserted backdrop, with his ardent fans smartly recognising him. Basically Ali plays the character that is leading a key operation in Kandahar which has multiple shades to the character and goes up against the character of Gerard Butler”.


Because the film is a spy thriller, Ali’s character is the suspenseful character that will unveiled over time to the audiences.


Ali’s latest international project, Kandahar, which stars top international actors. Like Gerard Butler, Travis Fimmel and Navid Negahban. It is set to be released in the US on May 26 and soon after globally.

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