Posted on May 30, 2023 at 1:30 am

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Kanwar Dhillon rode longest distance of his life on bike, shares the difficulties he faced

Kanwar Dhillon, who is nationally known for his heroic lead stint as Shiva Pandya in the daily soap Pandya Store, always grabs the attention of the viewers whenever he’s seen on the screen, and he’s praised for the way he portrays his role. Because of his skills at cutting each corner of acting so perfectly, he’s currently one of the most loved lead actors in the TV industry, the actor is very much fond of riding bikes and through his social media posts and stories he keeps on showing the love he has for riding the bike and recently when he uploaded one reel video of him riding his bike from Mumbai to Panchgani, it made all the netizens go gaga over it.


Photo Courtesy Kanwar Dhillon Team
Photo Courtesy Kanwar Dhillon Team


The actor reportedly rode his bike for a total distance of 700km recently which is a massive milestone and it cannot get accomplished by everyone as the person has to go through many hardships and hurdles.

So, when asked Kanwar about the difficulties he faced while riding to Panchgani from Mumbai. He says,

“The only difficulty you face while going for such a long ride and when you go on a staycation is that you have so much weight on your bike. Just managing with all that and your riding gear, which is also heavy, and the heat, it all gets very difficult. But when you are passionate about it and when you are on the go, you don’t feel the heat. Apart from that, we didn’t face any difficulties. It was all planned and sorted.”

The Pandya Store lead actor also talked about witnessing fan moments during his ride, says,

“It’s great to see that wherever I go, there is someone or someone else who comes and appreciates my work and praises me for Pandya Store, my previous work. It feels good that people like you, recognise you, and appreciate you. Right from the start, I kept meeting lots of fans who were working staff at the restaurants and tourists from different places.”

Lastly, he spills out some wisdom in words about safety measures that bike riders must keep in mind. Kanwar concludes,

“You should ride responsibly and should be responsible for other people whom you can hurt because of your negligence. The first and foremost rule that I follow is not to ride without a helmet. I see a lot of people doing it, and it really seems stupid. Especially when you are going on long rides, it’s very important to get your riding gear in place. Your jacket, your riding shoes, your knee guards—everything You should be prepared from head to toe when you go on rides. Be well-equipped and well-geared for a ride.”

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