Posted on May 30, 2023 at 2:04 am

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Sudhanshu Pandey on every aspect being scrutinized in showbiz

Relationships in the entertainment industry are always under the scanner. And people take no time in passing judgements without thinking how it might hurt the person it is targeted to. Anupamaa actor Sudhanshu Pandey shares his opinion.


Photo Courtesy Sudhanshu Pandey Team
Photo Courtesy Sudhanshu Pandey Team


“The entertainment industry is one such place where everything is scrutinised, whether it’s your performance, attitude or relationships. I think that comes as a part and parcel of this industry and one should be very relaxed about that and you can’t really pay attention to so much scrutiny because you know what you are doing in your life. Also, you know yourself the best. So just stay calm and take it to your stride because otherwise it becomes very difficult to survive,” he says.

Insecurity and professional pressure that showbiz brings with it have a negative impact on an actors’ personal life and behaviour with loved ones as well.

“I don’t know if this is the sequence in which things happen, whether it’s insecurity and professional pressures first, or whether it’s the negative impact. I guess, the whole thing is finally about having a positive attitude towards your life and yourself. That is the key to be able to deal with all sorts of insecurities whether it’s yours or somebody else’s is to keep all these things away and not let it have a negative impact on your personal life. It also should not affect your behaviour whether it’s towards your friends or your loved ones. The most important thing is to stay positive,” he adds.

It’s tough to slow one’s pace in this industry. At the same time ‘take it easy’ is something that is easier said than done.

“I think there are certain people who enjoy the fast pace and if you slow down the pace, I guess some people get jittery, while there are others who take time. So it is a personal choice. Also, going at a very, very fast pace doesn’t mean that you get worried or you get sick, it is just the way you want to be. You can be living a fast-paced life, and keep your mind engaged with a lot of work. When your mind is engaged, obviously, you are in a happier space, because you are doing what you love, and you’re doing it all the time. I think it’s a good state to be in. Unless you feel personally that you need to slow down because maybe it’s impacting your health. You should also take holidays to rejuvenate yourself and then come back to the grind. I guess you need to just time yourself correctly, when to take a break and when to be working, that’s it,” he explains.

The industry has always been considered as the big bad world. With issues like nepotism, casting couch and so on being discussed all the time, it has only added to the woes. Many also find it quite bleak when it comes to things like trust and honesty.

“The industry, for me, is a very beautiful place, because it has given me everything that I have, and made me the man I am today. It is how you want to take it, and how you want to deal with it. Again, I would say that it’s a personal choice. If you get sucked into a lot of influences around you, I guess, you can get dismantled. But if you keep yourself grounded, mentally and physically, I think the industry is very beautiful, and it’s very giving. And no, I don’t agree that the chances are very bleak when it comes to trust and honesty because everybody’s doing their jobs, and if there is a lot of competitive atmosphere around you, then without trust, I don’t think one can move forward in life. So you’ve to trust somebody or the other and move ahead professionally. When you are honest with others, can you expect from them. That will save you a lot of trouble, that’s how it should be,” he says.

On what are the parameters that help one understand whom to trust or not and Sudhanshu adds,

“In my friendships, yes, I’ve had a few very, I don’t know if I could call bad experiences or maybe disappointing. But then I lost a lot of them because of certain issues. But I guess it’s very important for you to go through certain things, or such things where you can understand who your true friends are. So it is absolutely fine for you to have some friends in life and then have them go from your life. In the end, you get clarity of who should be in your life and who should not.”

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