Posted on May 5, 2023 at 10:16 am

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Indian Matchmaking’s Rushali Rai Brings Comforting Relatability to the Show

Rushali Rai
Photo courtesy of Rushali Rai’s Instagram

With her kindness and genuinity emanating through the screen, viewers can’t help but root for Rushali to find her “Prince Charming”. 

Season 3 of Netflix produced ‘Indian Matchmaking’ opens with viewers meeting model and actress Rushali Rai, who lives in New Delhi. Rushali was also on Season 1, in more of a cameo role, when she was set up with entrepreneur and food enthusiast Pradhyuman, however their pairing didn’t last too long. 

Rushali explains that she got the show through one of her close friends, who was in touch with Sima, and recommended that Sima reach out to Rushali and meet with her. 

“He gave my reference to her, and then aunty [Sima] contacted me, and that was the best day of my life, that she did contact me.”

As an only child, Rushali is incredibly close with her parents and family, which was reflected in her list of what she was looking for in her future partner. She made it clear to Sima that she wanted a partner who would respect her relationship with her parents, and never restrict her from being able to see them whenever she wanted or look after them in any way.  

Rushali did most of her education at a boarding school, so when she came back home to Delhi, she decided that she would want to spend as much time with her parents as possible. 

“I started working when I was 15 years old, I started earning myself, I paid my college fees on my own, because I wanted to do it. If I had some extra money, I would contribute in the house. That became a good habit, and I still do it. I feel good to do it for them.” 

Rushali Rai
Photo courtesy of Rushali Rai’s Instagram

Throughout the course of the season, the audience sees Rushali go on a few dates with people Sima sets her up with, however, none of them seem to work out. 

“On paper, the person might look very interesting, but when you meet that person, when you discuss things, you get a brief idea about that person. So I think, overall, my time on the show was good, but I was hoping I would connect with someone, but that didn’t happen.” 

When both of Sima’s matches for Rushali don’t pan out, she sends Rushali to a mental health coach and therapist, who speaks with Rushali about some of her fears about finding a partner. 

“That was the best decision she [Sima] took on the show, and meeting her, I think it became very clear what I’m looking for. It made it easier for me to not judge a person so deeply. I’m not perfect and neither is the other person!” 

Rushali emphasizes just how helpful a mental health coach can be for anyone who is struggling in relationships and finding a partner. 

“She understood where I’m coming from, and how nicely she conveyed the message to me, that ‘it’s okay if you’re not perfect. You don’t have to lift that burden on your shoulders, and it’s easy to let it go’.” 

As a model and actress, Rushali says that people assume that she is in a relationship, because she is in the limelight and that it must be easy to socialize with potential partners who are in the same industry. However, as an extroverted introvert, she explains that it isn’t that easy. 

“The way I am, I don’t want to [go out and party]. I have a routine, I sleep at 10:30, I get up early in the morning, so I can’t. I will do it if I want to, but it’s not part of my routine. It’s really difficult to find a partner in today’s world, when you don’t socialize enough.”

So, what is Rushali’s relationship status today? 

“It’s still the same! I’m getting a lot of DM’s, and my mom is getting a lot of calls that “my son is single, will you please meet him”, but you can’t just do that!” she says, laughing. “I’m just waiting for Sima aunty to give me a signal, that okay, go ahead.”

Now, more than three weeks after the show has aired, Rushali says that she has received so many messages from women who love her story, and felt like they could relate to her. 

“For me, it’s a very big deal that a lot of people can relate to you … this is me. All my friends were like, ‘Rushali, why didn’t you wear any designer clothes!’ and I said, ‘Because, this is who I am! I want it to be as real as possible, and I think they portrayed it very well. If I would be sitting in designer clothing in my home, nobody would have [related].” 

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