Posted on May 19, 2023 at 8:09 am

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Accessorize to Mesmerize: Pulkit Samrat’s artful fashion choices

Pulkit Samrat‘s style exudes an aura of unparalleled fashion. His innate ability to push boundaries and experiment with accessories is evident in his captivating fashion repertoire.

Photo Courtesy Pulkit Samrat team
Photo Courtesy Pulkit Samrat team

Whether it’s a daring pendant that hangs with confidence or oversized glasses that command attention, Pulkit fearlessly embraces unconventional choices that elevate his style to extraordinary heights.

Let’s take a look at his individuality which captures the essence of a true fashion maverick.

Pulkit Samrat set the red carpet ablaze at the prestigious Femina Beauty Awards 2023, showcasing a mesmerizing ensemble. Dressed in a resplendent scarlet suit, his fashion choice was a statement of unparalleled elegance and panache. While his resplendent scarlet suit and sleek black shoes already caught attention, it was the inclusion of striking crimson gloves that truly elevated his look. The red gloves served as a clever accessory, perfectly contrasting with the vibrant suit, adding a pop of color and an element of surprise.

He effortlessly dons a pristine white suit, complemented by a fashionable pendant and bold, oversized glasses. His creative accessorizing game takes this look to new heights of sophistication as he embodies the perfect blend of elegance and trend-setting fashion.

Adorned in a striking black Indo-Western suit, his ensemble is complemented by funky rings and black shoes with spikes that add a rebellious edge to his outfit. The ensemble is further elevated by the presence of big glasses. Pulkit Samrat’s audacious combination of elements showcases his fearless approach to fashion, blending traditional and contemporary elements seamlessly.
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A sleek black kurta complemented with gothic rings, Pulkit Samrat looks enigmatic as he embraces his unique style with unapologetic flair. Pairing the black kurta with gothic rings creates an intriguing juxtaposition of traditional and unconventional elements, showcasing Pulkit’s ability to effortlessly blend different styles.

Excitement is building among fans as they anticipate the release of Fukrey 3, eagerly awaiting the fashion icon’s return to the big screen. The beloved franchise will return on November 24, 2023 where Pulkit Samrat will be reprising his role.

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