Posted on April 28, 2023 at 12:19 am

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Producer Abhishek Agarwal’s call for greater respect for producers garners support in the film industry

Indian Film Producer Abhishek Agarwal has made waves in the film industry with his tweet. It is about a moment in cinema history where awards started to respect and honor producers.

Photo courtesy Abhishek team
Photo courtesy Abhishek team

In the tweet, Agarwal highlighted the fact that producers should also be recognized as the face of cinema.

Agarwal’s tweet has been making rounds on social media platforms. It has caught the attention of many in the film industry. The tweet reads:


I have produced and backed #TheKashmirFiles with the intention of telling a true story to the world and it went on to become a blockbuster. The film received 7 nominations at the @filmfare awards and I am not invited to the event.”

It is time that the entertainment industry recognises the producers. They are the ones who make stars. Respect and recognition would only motivate us better to back great stories.”




Agarwal‘s tweet has been retweeted and shared by many prominent personalities in the film industry. The tweet has also sparked discussions on various platforms about the importance of recognizing and honoring producers in the film industry.


Overall, Agarwal’s tweet has started a much-needed conversation about recognizing the contributions of producers in the film industry.

His tweet is a reminder that the film industry is not just about actors and directors. But also about the hard work and dedication of producers who bring stories to life.


Agarwal’s contributions to the film industry have been noteworthy. With his productions earning critical acclaim and commercial success.


As a leading figure in the industry, Agarwal’s statement on the importance of producers in Indian cinema is expected to spark more debates and discussions on the topic.


His call for greater respect and recognition for producers could lead to positive changes in the industry and help create a more inclusive and transparent system for all stakeholders.

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