Posted on April 6, 2023 at 12:24 am

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“It’s a masala packed hero-heroine-villain story with a twist”, Akasa on her song ‘Koi Jave Toh Leh Aaye’

Akasa Singh, a singer best known for songs like “Naagin” and “Kheech Meri Photo,” had made it to Times Square.

Photo courtesy Akasa team
Photo courtesy Akasa team

With the blockbuster song “Kheech Meri Photo”. The diva made her debut in the music world.


Apart from that, Akasa is recognised for her popular pop track “Thug Ranjha,” which was released in 2018 and immediately became one of the most popular Indian music videos.


Akasa has carved out a niche for herself in the music industry with hits. Like “Aithey Aa” from Bharat, “Dil Na Jaaneya” from Good Newzz, “Maserati,” “Shola,” among others.



The diva is now back with another banger with dance, drama, masala and much more. The sizzling sibling duo Akasa and Aasa have brought you the party number of the year with ‘Koi Jave Toh Leh Aaye’.


Recently in a conversation with us, when asked how was it recreating such an iconic song. Akasa responded,


“Honestly, I don’t even want to call it recreating, I don’t believe legendary songs can be recreated lol we’ve just added a little something to the original and tried giving it a modern twist and I was honoured that Venus approached me and trusted me enough with this song!”.


Talking about the tips she had to take because the song was a super-hit during it’s time with the melodic voice of Alka Yagnik. She revealed,


“There’s an Adaah to Alkajis voice that only she can do. So I tried my best to bring that into the song but honestly I’ve tried doing my own thing to the vocals, icons like Alkaji can only be inspired from”.


Speaking more about the song Akasa shared,


“The directors Preet Singh Harry Singh have completely created an old school Bollywood vibe with the video. It’s a masala packed hero-heroine-villain story with a twist. I hope everybody loves it as much as we do”.


When asked about how was it working with Umar Riaz. She said,


“Super fun. It didn’t seem like work as such cause we kept goofing around”.


Speaking of the sibling collaboration, Akasa shared,


“My brother and I have been stage partners for so long, and I’m glad Sonali Singh got us into the studio together because we realised how much cool music we were able to make together. Our sibling tuning runs deep and translates into songs as well. So this is the first of hopefully many Akasa and Aasa collaborations!”.

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