Posted on March 6, 2023 at 1:00 am

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Where does one draw the line? – Saif Ali Khan speaks on the fact that 20 paps barged into his private property at 2 am

In response to certain articles floating in the media that Saif Ali Khan was firing his guard and taking legal action against the paparazzi media.

Saif Ali Khan: The handsome actor of many genres and shades
Saif Ali Khan: The handsome actor of many genres and shades

The actor has issued statement clarifying that no one is being fired and no legal action is being taken. He clarifies as to what exactly happened at 2 am on March 2 as well.


Saif Ali Khan says that,


“The building security guard is not being sacked, it is not his fault and neither is anybody taking legal action against the paps because that is not how we want to do things.

However, the fact is that they did barge inside private property through the gate, past the security guard and completely invaded our space and put 20 cameras and lights on us as if it’s their right to do that, and this is wrong behavior and everyone needs to be in limits.

We cooperate with the paparazzi all the time and we understand but outside the house, outside the gate, otherwise, where does one draw the line? That is why I made the comment about the bedroom because they had already crossed one line, so how many lines does one have to cross before it’s utterly ridiculous.

The paps shooting the children, while they are doing extra curricular classes or any class, all this is not required, paparazzi cannot come inside the school, there are lines drawn. and that’s all we are saying and the rest of the noise and chatter is because no one knows what the truth is and everyone wants to sell something but this is the truth. and that’s all I have to say, thank you.”

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