Posted on March 4, 2023 at 5:49 pm

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Tanishaa Mukerji Shares Tips From Her Pilates Journey!


Tanishaa Mukherji
Photo courtesy of Namita PR

Tanishaa Mukerji keeps her fans updated about her fitness secrets while posting about her gym sessions as well. The actress. who is famous for her pilates workouts, is a fantastic role model for all women who aspire to maintain their physical health. Oozing with beauty and grace, Tanishaa is a true Glam queen of B-Town, who inspires her fans to hit the gym daily, while giving workout fashion goals as well. She shares what she feels about Pilates and how it has helped her learn a lot about herself.

She says, “My relationship with this technique started 7 years ago and with time I have gotten better at doing the exercises that require balance, control and stability. Pilates, which involves maintaining balance, is great for mind body connection. It is recommended for flexibility and mobility treatment.”

Pilates has several health benefits to offer: the unique regimen strengthens the posture and alleviates stress by creating body awareness. Pilates is also beneficial for people with back pain – it’s great for injury recovery. It constitutes of slow controlled movements that focus on engaging the entire body. The technique induces great mobility of the spine as well as engagement of the core!

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