Posted on March 11, 2023 at 12:02 pm

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Soumita Saha Bags Undefeated Woman Of The Year Title

Soumita Saha Bags Undefeated Woman Of The Year Title

Soumita Saha Bags Undefeated Woman Of The Year Title

Soumita Saha bags the ” Undefeated Woman of the year” title for her contribution to the field of Music

The United Nations (UN) started celebrating International Women’s Day in 197 and in 1977, it was officially agreed that the day would be widely observed on March 8 every year. Gender inequality and discrimination are rampant in our societies, and most of the time, women are victims of them. To fight these gender biases and to bring attention to issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women, International Women’s Day is celebrated. This day is observed in various manners to celebrate the achievement of women from various fields. Pune’s renowned International Women welfare organization “Her Journey” awarded singing sensation Soumita Saha the ” Undefeated Woman of the Year” tittle to celebrate her contribution in the field of Music and Art. Soumita’s International collaborations on Tagore Music and Patriotic Music videos have represented India in UK’s prestigious film festival. Her paintings ” Bharat Maata” and ” Conscience of India” have been exhibited in Washington DC and Venezuela.

Managing Director of ‘Her Journey’ Yuvika Raina added ” We have awarded ten women from various fields awarding a truly undefeated personality like Soumita is a pleasure. She is a true achiever “.

This award is another gem to the International Singer’s crown. ” It’s difficult to express how happy and surprising it feels. Indebted to the’ Her Journey ‘ foundation for honoring my work, I don’t know if whatever i have done counts as an achievement or not. I truly believe I have ‘miles to go before i sleep’. ” added the humble, enchanting songbird.

Soumita is currently working on her next musical project, even though her team is yet to reveal details about her upcoming project soon.

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