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Sanjoy Das Architect Ushers A Painting Exhibition Inspired By Sounds

Sanjoy Das Architect Ushers A Painting Exhibition Inspired By Sounds

Sanjoy Das Architect Ushers A Painting Exhibition Inspired By Sounds

Sanjoy Das was born in India, Meghalaya and he presently has a studio in Surrey, BC Canada. Sanjoy is an Intern Architect and Professional Artist. He works in various mediums-oil, watercolor, pen & ink, airbrush

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and is a Certified Instructor for Design. Sanjoy has had a solo show at Tsawwassen Art Centre and participated in group exhibitions at the Surrey Art Gallery. He holds art workshops for youth.

Q. First of thank you for interviewing with us. Please tell us a little about yourself and the exhibition.

I am a professional artist, Intern architect, and Certified Instructor for design & art. I have been drawing and painting since childhood and further honed my skills while studying architecture at Sir. J. J. College of Architecture Mumbai, India. I graduated in 1998 and moved to Canada in 2001and since then have had a solo art exhibition at The Tsawwassen art center, PomoArts at Port Moody & various groups,s and juried exhibitions at the Surrey Art Gallery.
The exhibition “Harnessing the power of Sound for Art and Wellbeing is based in based on the Hindu Chakra or energy system”.It is a form of sacred art to realize the full potential of a human being and sound is the principal behind it. This exhibition is to show that sound is everything and art is the sound made visible. Sound is used to create art, general well-being, and mental health. I am striving to de-mystify chakras and spirituality and also create awareness that the musical notations SA, RE, GA, MA, PA, DHA, and NI corresponds to the energy centers or chakras in the Human Body. The aim is to disidentify with the ego and bring attention to the present moment. It is a spontaneous form of art striving to be free from the unobserved mind.

Q.The paintings look beautiful and the colors are vibrant. What is the inspiration behind the paintings?

My artwork is inspired by meditating on the Chakra or energy system. The vibrant colors that I use in my art, are the colors of the Chakras/ energy centers. The chakras have colors because they vibrate with different frequencies and their location in the body determines the color and function.

How long did it take you to make them? What was the process involved?

My sadhana ( daily practice ) gained tremendous momentum during the Covid pandemic in 2020. I had faced numerous losses like everyone else, in terms of livelihood, and the loss of loved ones. I spiraled downwards into depression and it was at that time my Sadhana in Art and sound that rescued me by turning poison into medicine by giving birth to 2 art exhibitions
During that situation, I was asked by my Guru/Master to create 25 paintings in 25 days as a challenge and turn my life state around for the better. This marathon painting series was done as an online exhibition where I was uploading images every other day with supporters encouraging me. This went on without any breaks from 18th Sept 2020 to 2nd November 2020. My Guru/master’s encouragement and stinging critique helped me complete this difficult art-making during such an emotional turmoil. It is also special because it generally takes me a couple of weeks or sometimes even months to conceptualize and complete a particular painting. This was nothing less than a miraculous achievement, having completed 25 artworks. I feel I somehow was in the flow state or in the zone where the ego falls away and art just happens spontaneously!

How did this all start?

It started just after moving to Mumbai as an aspiring student of architecture. I had absolutely no idea that when I boarded a train to Mumbai I was actually taking the first steps in a direction of healing and self-awareness. My area of study and practice of architecture and art were the mediums that propelled me towards healing and the exploration of the nature of the self, using sound as the principal behind my work.

Q. Talk about your work life.

I was born in India, Meghalaya, and I presently have a studio in South Surrey, BC Canada. I am a professional Artist and an Intern Architect specializing in custom residences. I work in various mediums-oil, watercolor, pen & ink, and airbrush. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and am a Certified Instructor for Design. I frequently host art exhibitions and workshops.

Q. Would you be making more paintings in near future?

My art is my sadhana, it’s a daily practice. I am currently exploring various art galleries for yet another Art exhibition that will be a sequel to this current art exhibition. The science behind my work. The principle behind my sound art is that everything in this universe is vibrating at various frequencies. These frequencies can be made visible. My art is basically” frozen sound”. Our yogis in the Hindu tradition have been making sounds visible since ancient times for example the” Sri Yantra”. The human body has various organs and glands that regulate its well-being and they in turn are governed by chakras or energy centers. My art and method are to activate, align and balance the chakras for Health and mental wellness.

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