Posted on March 9, 2023 at 6:00 am

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Nigerian singer Ckay wants to collaborate with Nora Fatehi

Ckay, the highly acclaimed Nigerian singer-songwriter, has expressed his strong desire to collaborate with Nora Fatehi.

Photo courtesy Nora team
Photo courtesy Nora team

The globally renowned sensation known for her exceptional dance skills and captivating performances.


Ckay, who shot to fame for his viral song Love Nwantiti. Recently he visited India for a music festival and has expressed his admiration for Nora Fatehi’s talent and artistry.


In a recent interaction, he revealed his eagerness to work with Nora and create a musical masterpiece that would resonate with audiences.


With Ckay’s incredible talent as a singer-songwriter and Nora Fatehi’s unmatched ability to captivate audiences. With her dance moves, this collaboration will definitely excite the fans.

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