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Lakmé & Manish Malhotra diffuse Retag Gold Diggers, Drama Queens at the Lakmé #UnapologeticallyMÉ Grand Finale

High maintenance, arm candy, gold digger, you’ve heard it all. Society has a habit of tagging women purely on the basis of how they look and dress.

Photo courtesy Lakme Fashion Week
Photo courtesy Lakme Fashion Week

The Lakmé Grand Finale brought the curtains down this season at Lakmé Fashion Week X FDCI by retagging these tags in collaboration with Diffuse by Manish Malhotra. Redefining the power of fashion in being #UnaplogeticallyMÉ.


The collaboration was a showcase of the new brand-world of Lakmé and Manish Malhotra’s Diffuse Collection. Encouraging women to celebrate their individuality by finding their core.


The biggest ever grand finale in the history of the 22-year-old platform. The showcase was a tactile reflection of the magic that the coming together of two iconic Indian brands created.



An unprecedented 102 models, almost 1000 guests, a front-row filled with stars and creative mavericks. A culturally resonant concept, the inspiring energy of the master designer. Lakmé brand ambassador, Ananya Panday and actor Aditya Roy Kapur closing the show – every detail of the grand finale came together to create a sensory spectacle.


The show was also presented live on the YouTube masthead. Lakmé’s symbolic front-row access. It garnered 1-million views in just over 12 hours. Making it the biggest fashion livestream by an Indian beauty brand.


The concept of ‘Retags’ | The show concept stemmed from the human truth that for years women have been tagged for their choice in fashion and beauty that undermines her abilities and achievements.


In a unique twist given to the tags, Lakmé and Manish MalhotraRetagged and redefined them, so that women can ownthese tags, unabashedly and unapologetically.


Gold Digger (adj.) Someone who strives for the best, the gold standard.

Drama Queen (noun.) Someone who handles ego and drama effortlessly.

High Maintenance (adj.) Someone who is a type A perfectionist, who has the highest standards for herself.

Sugar Baby (noun.) Someone who is sweet even in the eye of a storm.

Arm Candy (adj.) Someone who aces work, with a baby in one arm.

Manish Malhotra’s playful portrait of Diffuse is tempered with a juxtaposition of tenderness and wit – making the collection an edgy message for anyone entering his runway realm.


Manish Malhotra Diffuse presented prints inspired by iconic games in androgynous styles having a blast. Alongside a high-octane colour palette of stark blacks, electric purples, shocking neons.


The Retagged labels were incorporated, proudly and boldly, into the detailing of the collection.


The collection checks in with the creative, experimental spirit of Gen-Z. While infusing it into timeless silhouettes – each garment a distinctly quirky, fun, yet unapologetically glamorous conversation-starter.

Ananya Panday rocked the runway in a hand-embroidered tassel edged gown with a scoop neck, high slit, worn with a statement trench-coat.

Her ensemble was paired with Lakmé’s signature trend statements – a bold lip, dramatic eyes, and dewy skin – perfect accents to being unapologetically glamorous and ambitious.

102 models walked down the endless runway to the beats of Lush Lata and percussionist Jonqui. The show was set in a raw, loft-like space animated with gaming-inspired visual art- suspended from high ceilings.


In an interesting take on refreshing urban dictionaries. The visual installations were interspersed with a display of “re-tags” and their revived meanings.

Lakmé collaborated with renowned makeup artist Daniel Bauer to create beauty looks inspired by Re-tags, which were an interpretation of each label presented on the runway.


The bold and futuristic designs were perfectly complemented by Bauer’s celebrated makeup skills.


The Gold Digger look featured golden flakes and gold highlight makeup, which were paired with modern gold jewelry like a shovel pendant.


The Drama Queen look showcased a bold lip with royal and dramatic accessories, including crowns.


The High Maintenance look was sharp and edgy, with precise makeup and sharp accessories.


The Sugar Baby look was soft and feminine, with a delicate blush and pink makeup. Finally, the Arm Candy look was a dramatic, candy-colored makeup look with neon and pop-colored accessories and gems.


This collection truly offered something for everyone, no matter their style or preference.

Commenting on the Lakmé Grand Finale and the showcasing designer, Harman Dhillon, Vice President at Hindustan Unilever Limited said,

“The confluence of beauty and fashion is always a delight to witness at Lakmé Fashion Week X FDCI. This evening has been truly spectacular – presenting the creative genius of Manish Malhotra’s ‘Diffuse’. A high energy and androgynous aesthetic that beautifully juxtaposed the Lakmé #UnapologeticallyMÉ campaign – an ode to those who choose fashion and beauty.


Manish Malhotra is known and celebrated for his Unapologetic Glamour. A touch of which elevates his designs to bring an inimitable international appeal to his collections. There could not have been a better designer to bring Lakmé’s new philosophy of #UnapologeticallyMÉ to life at this Lakmé Grand Finale.”

Commenting on the show, veteran designer, Manish Malhotra said,


“Diffuse literally Diffuse-s down the hard-to-digest terms and invests in our signature bling, bold and beautiful to be more unapologetically you.


The stylish duo and our showstoppers and Aditya Roy Kapoor join the Diffuse Tribe. This year as they perfectly epitomize the generational values of tomorrow.”


Decoding the makeup looks of the season, celebrated makeup artist, Daniel Bauer said,


The Lakmé Grand Finale this season was a truly incredible showcase to be a part of. The creative collaboration with Lakméencouraged me to push the boundaries of makeup and create different beauty looks, each unique in its own way. With the positive force of fashion and beauty, the show championed the trend statement of the season #UnapologeticallyMÉ.


Lakmé Brand Ambassador, Ananya Panday said,


“It is always a pleasure to represent Lakmé on India’s largest fashion platform, Lakmé Fashion Week X FDCI. This Grand Finale will always be a memorable experience for me, and it was an honor to make a statement on the ramp.


‘Retags’ is a concept I truly resonated with, and that combined with Manish Malhotra’s spectacular designs was so exciting to witness. Lakmé is my favourite makeup and beauty brand. I was truly thrilled to be part of this finale show that allowed me to be Unapologetically Me.”

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