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Fashion Featured Lifestyle South Asian News Celebrates International Women’s Day By Honoring South Asian Women Leaders a global platform for South Asian luxury fashion acknowledged International Women’s Day with a 3-tiered celebration, including a charitable initiative.

Photo courtesy of Indiaspopup Press, USA’s premier online destination for luxury Indian designer clothing and accessories, is a global platform for South Asian fashion. It curates inclusive, embracive, and conscious trends and styles from the heart of India to its global shoppers. Founded by Archana Yenna, the company honored South Asian women from various walks of life who are leading the path for future generations. The luxury retailer hosted a ‘Power Table’ dinner at Armani/Ristorante in New York City with South Asian women leading the change in fashion, entrepreneurship, media, entertainment, and journalism.

“At, we empower and celebrate women through authentic South Asian fashion and community contributions. As we celebrate Women’s Day, we remain committed to sharing inspiring stories of South Asian women achievers and changemakers. Our recent Power Table dinner in New York City celebrated remarkable women, trailblazers of South Asian heritage, inspiring the next generation of female leaders to dream big and chase their aspirations.”
– Archana Yenna, Founder and CEO of

Photo courtesy of Indiaspopup Press

The company also honored 5 South Asian female role models that have been instrumental to the diaspora with their various works in nonprofit, societal causes and community building.

South Asian Female Leaders:
Nina Davuluri – Acclaimed filmmaker, activist, actor, & entrepreneur
Megha Desai – President: The Desai Foundation
Shobha Narayan – Actor: film, television, and theater
Hitha Palepu – Entrepreneur and Author
Cynthia Victor – Beauty Influencer

Yenna honored these women for breaking stereotypes and spreading positivity on body sizes, health, confidence, and skin tone. Through her work with Yenna hopes to help women feel beautiful, confident, and feminine and make progress toward positive change. In a series of photos shot in New York City’s Baccarat Hotel, dedicated to the quintessence of luxury and excellence, produced a High Tea-themed photoshoot to celebrate its honorees.  The women wore avant-garde clothing donning some of India’s most prominent designers while sipping high tea, dining on canapes, and enjoying one another’s company. Exemplifying Indian royalty, the women championed one another and sisterhood and shared what womanhood meant to each one of them.
International Women’s Day Shoot:

Photo courtesy of Indiaspopup Press

During the 2 day festivities, announced their partnership with Sakhi for South Asian Women, an NGO that represents the South Asian diaspora in a survivor-centered movement for gender justice. Sakhi applies a trauma-informed, culturally responsive lens with a long-term commitment to mobilizing a future free from violence.  Yenna pledged to donate a portion of sales from the month of March to the organization.

“Sakhi for South Asian Women is grateful to for uplifting and investing in our work with survivors of gender-based violence. Nationally, 48% of South Asian Americans experience gender based violence throughout their lifetime, and at Sakhi, we have seen a 65% increase in cases over one year. This support will help us address the overwhelming need in our community and continue our commitment toward a future of healing and justice.”
– Kavita Mehra, Executive Director Sakhi for South Asian Women

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