Posted on March 29, 2023 at 10:15 am

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India ‘s rock band Sanam’s action packed track Aur Iss Dil Mein is out now

Aur Iss Dil Mein ft Sanam is a dreaded tale of compassion, love and betrayal. The track has released today. It completely shows the band in a new rugged avatar which will impress the netizens.

Photo courtesy Sanam team
Photo courtesy Sanam team

Sanam being one of the most loved rock band in India for the first time brings a track to the audience that is entirely different from their romantic genre and sees them in a new light.

The band Sanam had undergone some extensive training and shot in the wee hours to deliver this track and bring something new to their audiences and fans across the nation. Opening about the song, Sanam Puri, (lead vocalist/partner) of the band, says, “The song ‘Aur Iss Dil Mein’ is a song we have all been looking forward to. A song about the pain of being betrayed and the characters reaction to the betrayal. The end of this song is somewhat of a mystery. What choice will he make, is open for guesses. We know a lot of you will relate to the character.”

Venky S (bass guitarist/partner) says, “Our rendition uses musical elements from the Synthwave/Retrowave genre to create tension, mystery, and a lack of resolution that help us resonate with the lyricist, Prakash Mehra’s penned words, as well as create a mood for Supari Studios to execute the concepts for the music video.“

Keshav Dhanraj (Drummer/partner) shares “Though this might seem like it’s out of our comfort zone, this felt completely natural and the entire process of making/shooting this song was something we had been planning for a while. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s reaction to the story line.”

Samar Puri (lead guitarist/Partner), “Pain and betrayal is as much a part of life as love and happiness. Dramatic visuals to a strong lyrical song and a catchy melody is the ultimate combination. We hope you all like this one.”

The song has released today on the Youtube channel of Saregama music. The video looks killer and we can’t get enough of how magical the members of the band look on screen in this rugged looks.

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