Posted on March 21, 2023 at 3:00 am

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“I can’t even imagine myself not being in front of the camera,” tells Kareena Kapoor on not having a plan B

Kareena Kapoor Khan is the one who needs no introduction, she’s had a 2 decade-successful run at the movies and there is no stopping for her.

Photo courtesy Kareen Kapoor team
Photo courtesy Kareen Kapoor team

The actor who was promoting her latest What Women Want had a candid conversation with Film Companion where she spoke about the new season of her show. Her 2 decade-long journey and the rules of raising toddler boys.

Did Kareena Kapoor Khan ever have a plan B for her career?

“I did try to sign myself up at the government law college. I did go for 5 days. When I saw the size of the books, I was like, I don’t think this is for me. So, I did keep that option open of wanting to be a lawyer. I don’t know what I was thinking! But I can’t even imagine myself not being in front of the camera.” she tells Film Companion.


When it comes to dealing with her younger son Jeh’s ‘terrible twos’, Kareena tells Film Companion,


“He’s screaming all the time, and every morning & evening I have to (heaves a sigh) breathe…Pranayam! I have to do walking yoga, around the house! When he’s screaming, I’m like, why is he screaming? But he’s just randomly having a shitfit, for I don’t know what.” She adds, “We know what women want, we don’t know what the toddlers want!”


When asked about the societal pressures of being a mother to boys in today’s time, here’s what Kareena believes in.


“Because there’s so much pressure and ‘muft ka gyaan’ out there today, so many people are blogging, talking about how to bring up boys…I don’t follow a blueprint plan, there’s no list to check off. The only thing I always tell Saif is that I just want the boys to be kind. Kindness is the most important quality, the most beautiful quality a boy or man can have. In today’s world, kindness is forgotten, it’s much needed. I tell Taimur, if you deal with kindness in any situation you’re in, you’ll be a winner. So I pray that they’re kind, gentle and be a good person. There wasn’t so much gyaan, back in the day, when our parents were bringing us up.” She adds that it’s important they know that their mother is going to work, even on days when the kids aren’t well, hoping that makes them appreciate and respect women a lot more.


Talking about her daily routine apart from work Kareena opens up to Film Companion telling,


“Everything is my department at home – the kids’ playdates, classes, ghar pe kya khana banega, sahab kya khaayenge – I love doing all that, I love multitasking! I love being an actor, a star, a housewife. I love handling the home. If I’m having people over, I like to clean the table on my own, lay out things on the table. All that is so much a part of me. I’m passionate like that, I like to keep doing something or the other. When the grandparents are coming over, the kids will also come and help.”

She adds,

“They have to see Saif cooking and come to the kitchen. The idea of just watching being together is precious enough…rather than going to Disneyland.”

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