Posted on March 23, 2023 at 11:24 pm

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Genelia Deshmukh Shares Her New Found Love For Sarees

Genelia Deshmukh Shares Her New Found Love For Sarees

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Genelia Deshmukh Shares Her New Found Love For Sarees

Indian actresses in sarees look extremely stylish and are often seen on and off-screen as they love to wear this traditional outfit. Sarees are not just a type of clothing but a feeling of pride in owning what’s ours. They take feminine beauty up a notch and add an abundance of elegance to any look. One such actress who admits that she has recently grown to love these draped wonders is Genelia Deshmukh.

We all remember her ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’ ‘s tomboyish looks in denim shorts and jeans but this cute and adorable “Aditi” has turned into a Glamorous Queen now with the traditional looks that make her look like a true Bharatiya Naari! She just posted a reel describing her transition from jeans to sarees and how the latter makes her feel closer to her homeland.
Well, no complaints from her fans because everyone is just loving her new avatar.

Genelia sets a great example of staying true to her roots in a gorgeous golden saree. The actress is one such diva who can pull off any type of saree with panache
For all those saree lovers out there, it’s time to follow the fashion cues of this Bollywood diva who slays it like a queen in nine yards of pure grace. Pretty prints, light fabrics, and soothing colors are all encompassed in the actress’s wardrobe and dictate her collection of every Indian woman’s dream attire.

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