Posted on March 11, 2023 at 11:25 am

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An Ode to Rajasthan: Punit Balana Unveiled his ‘Utsav’ Collection at Lakme Fashion Week

Punit Balana Unveiled his ‘Utsav’ Collection – a Multi-Seasonal Celebration of Folklore, Culture & Joy – at the 2023 Lakmé Fashion Week in partnership with FDCI

This afternoon, Rajasthan’s favourite fashion designer, Punit Balana, presented his ‘Utsav’ collection, which is a multi-seasonal celebration of folklore, culture and joy. Punit’s latest collection evokes luminosity and an idea of celebration and joy through its timeless designs.

Brought to life through bright hues of surkhlaal and gulaabi gulaal and a bold shade of kacha aam, this collection is a symphony of embroideries in marodi, resham, gota, mirror and coin and a step ahead in the world of Punit Balana’s prints.

Sara Ali Khan
Photo courtesy of Lakme Fashion Week X Punit Balana

Walking the ramp for Punit for his Lakmé Fashion Week in partnership with FDCI show was none other than Bollywood’s sweetheart, Sara Ali Khan. Speaking about the collaboration with Punit and Utsav collection in general, she says, “I am thrilled to be walking for Punit Balana and showcasing his stunning ‘Utsav’ collection, which stays true to its meaning of ‘celebration’ or ‘celebration of a joyous occasion’, Utsav highlights textures inspired by the Kalbelia community of Rajasthan, their folklore, literature and the culture that not only binds the Indian state of Rajasthan but one that also acts as a bridge between this state and Indian culture in a larger context.”

The audience was treated to an exhilarating live performance by Kalbelia dancers, which beautifully captured the essence of the ‘Utsav’ collection.

With block prints inspired by Rajasthani history, particularly that of the Kalbelia community, and bandhani, ‘Utsav’ represents masterful craftsmanship in terms of silhouettes, ranging from classic Punit Balana outfits to new, contemporary ones – reimagined lehengas and peplum sets, heavily embellished kurtas for men and many more to suit the effortless sartorial sensibilities of the modern woman and man.

Speaking about the collection and his show at Lakme Fashion week, ace designer, Punit Balana says, “For me, what’s most important while designing a new collection are my roots, my surroundings. I never have to look beyond Jaipur and Rajasthan for inspiration. There’s so much about our history that remains untapped and I really hope that one collection after another, I can show people how contemporary our culture can truly be.”

Punit Balana
Photo courtesy of Lakme Fashion Week X Punit Balana

“Happiness, song and dance are a huge part of the Kalbelia community, and they make sure that their culture, their folklore is passed onto generations. They take immense pride in it. I want the Punit Balana women and Men to also feel the same kind of pride when they own and wear an outfit from Utsav, something that will hold meaning for decades to come,” he adds.

The designs showcased on the ramp were styled along with stunning jewellery pieces from JKJ Jewellers in Jaipur, which complemented each ensemble from the ‘Utsav’ collection perfectly.

Bringing to life an array of womenswear and menswear, each piece designed for this collection is an ode to joy. These aren’t just outfits that you smile with, but those that you laugh in. A burst of colour, ‘Utsav’ has been brought to life keeping in mind the idea of longevity and the unsaid Indian custom of passing on joy, from one generation to another, by a way of passing on clothes. You perhaps want to wear a saree your grandmother had worn on her wedding day. ‘Utsav’ is just that – a collection that transcends age, one that has something for everybody, one that can boast of being a part of family heirlooms.

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