Posted on March 1, 2023 at 11:29 pm

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10 easy ways to relax and de-stress

The stresses of modern living can take their toll. It’s no surprise that Americans are more stressed than ever with everything that’s going on in the world.

Setting aside time to release some of the pressure is vital for everyone. If you’re struggling to deal with the stressors in your life, here are 10 easy ways to relax and de-stress:


Enjoy the thrill of the casino


Casino gaming is another way to ramp up the excitement in your life with simple games, epic graphics and a sense of jeopardy. While not for everybody, online casinos have exploded in popularity because of how easy it is for anybody to jump in.


New technologies have transformed standard games, including roulette, blackjack and your favorite arcade style games. For example, Higher or Lower was long a feature of game shows and Vegas casinos. Relieve the nostalgia with a simple hilo game online.


Operators are bringing together people for a social gaming experience while offering similar experiences to conventional video games through augmented and virtual reality.


Load up a video game


Video games are a popular way to escape from reality. Spending a couple of hours with your favorite PC or console game is a great option if you need to put your brain on autopilot and focus on something different.


There’s a game for everybody, with the US video gaming industry worth more than $97bn in 2022. Find the genre that speaks to you and enjoy a few hours of relaxation.


Go to the gym


Working out may not sound like the ideal way to relax but it’s a proven way of releasing some of the intensity of modern life. Whether you’re raising a young family or work is getting you down, going to the gym for an hour can release those endorphins and alleviate stress hormones.


You don’t need to be athletic to enjoy a gym session – even 20 minutes on the treadmill can make a massive difference.




Some people find that life moves too fast and they’re always struggling to keep up. According to one study, more than a quarter of American adults are so stressed they cannot function properly.


Practicing meditation is something that takes just a few minutes and empowers you to slow down and take life at a slower pace.


Talk to a friend


Sometimes, venting to a close friend or family member is the best way to feel better about whatever is going on in your life.


No man is an island. Allow yourself to open up and speak to someone close to you, in person or over the phone.


Get back into nature


Move away from social media and the 24-hour news cycles by getting back into nature. Set up a Saturday afternoon hiking at a local beauty spot or take your lunch in the park.


Listening to the birds, taking in the scents of the flowers and going for a walk are all factors that help the stress melt away.


Take up yoga


Like meditation, yoga is another way to slow everything down and relax. Many people find value in pairing the two.


You don’t need to be flexible, athletic or even healthy to take up a daily yoga practice. Connect with a coach and pick up the movements that match your ability. It’s one of the best healthy hobbies you can take up.


Cook your favorite recipe


Whipping up a storm in the kitchen with an old favorite or a new recipe is a chance to explore and embrace your creativity.


Cooking has been shown to help people relax, especially when paired with a glass of wine. If you have a family, why not bring everyone together to bake some cookies or make a custom pizza?


Paint a picture


Art has always been a popular hobby in the US. Grab some paints and a piece of paper, and paint whatever comes to mind.


There’s nothing like the satisfaction of gazing upon something that you created. You don’t have to be Van Gogh to take up painting – it’s a relaxing hobby that welcomes everybody.


Dance the day away


Finally, why not combine exercise with creativity and your favourite tunes? Dance like nobody is watching in the comfort of your own home.


If you’re feeling confident, you could join a class in your area and learn a new style, whether it’s flamenco or the quick step.




With how quickly the world is moving, it’s easy to miss out on time for yourself. Preventing burnout is crucial to allowing you to function at your best.


Stay healthy and ensure that you are ready to take on the day by adopting a hobby that allows those stress hormones to evaporate.


What’s your favourite way to de-stress?


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