Posted on February 17, 2023 at 2:00 am

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Sukriti Kakar and Prakriti Kakar’s collaboration with International artist Matteo Bocelli for ‘I Miss You Amore’

The musical twins Sukriti Kakar and Prakriti Kakar’s music video for ‘I Miss You Amore’ which is their collaboration with Matteo Bocelli who is an Italian artist has released today.

Photo courtesy Sukriti Kakar and Prakriti Kakar team
Photo courtesy Sukriti Kakar and Prakriti Kakar team

Matteo Bocelli is the son of the singer and multi-instrumentalist Andrea Bocelli. He is one of the most celebrated and widely recognised personalities in Italy.


Since ‘I Miss You Amore’ is a song about heartbreak, the music video is quite impressive and has an exotic touch. This is not the first time that Sukriti and Prakriti have collaborated with an international artist. Their Previous collaboration with Dua Lipa for the song Levitating was definitely a remarkable and memorable one.

Sukriti Kakakr says, “This collaboration with Matteo Bocelli is definitely an exciting one. The song ‘I Miss You Amore’ is a slow heartbreak track. Filming for the music video along with Matteo Bocelli has been really fun. We shot for this in April last year. Then we even caught up in Italy in August of last year and have been waiting ever since, for the release of this song and it’s finally out on Capitol Records!”

To that Prakriti Kakar adds, “I have always loved such slow ballad-style songs. Collaborating with Matteo Bocelli for the same was definitely a dream come true. I really cannot wait for the audience to watch the music video for this song.”



It is a really happy moment for all their fans that Sukriti and Prakriti Kakar are collaborating with multiple international artists.


They are making name for themselves internationally as well, and we, as their fans and supporters could not be more proud! Don’t forget to tune in for the music video of ‘I Miss You Amore’ this Valentine’s Day!

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