Posted on February 12, 2023 at 11:51 pm

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Rahat Kazmi brings together Ankita Lokhande and Shoib Nikash Shah for ‘The Last Coffee’

Rahat Kazmi has carved his niche with his exceptionally well crafted films through the years that have received international recognition.

Photo courtesy Rahat Kazmi team
Photo courtesy Rahat Kazmi team


Indeed he is one of the reigning film makers who have had back-to-back successes with his films.


But there’s no stopping for him, as his films have received an incredible response from critics and audiences.


And he has done it yet again, as Rahat Kazmi has bagged Actress Ankita Lokhande and Shoib Nikash Shah for his upcoming release.


The critically acclaimed filmmaker is the producer of the film ‘The Last Coffee’.


Ankita Lokhande has definitely carved a niche for herself in the Industry from a drastic Television journey to Big Screen. She has portrayed some impactful characters over the years while Shoib Nikash Shah was last seen in Lihaaf. It will be now seen in ‘Country of Blinds’ alongside Hina Khan.


Talking about ‘The Last Coffee’, Rahat Kazmi says,

“It’s a about two people which revolves around love and misunderstanding, and what makes it more special is the cast of the film. I feel Ankita and Shoib were the perfect match for the script and bagging both of them, was cherry on the cake. The trailer of the film comes out tomorrow and we definitely can’t wait to witness the audience’s reaction!”.

The movie is directed by Shoib Nikash Shah who is also the featuring actor in the film opposite Ankita Lokhande. It is helmed by Zee 5 studios.

Raj Kushwaha has also co-produced the film, along with Rahat Kazmi. After ‘The Last Cofee. Rahat Kazmi has long list of films in the the pipeline. Five of them being helmed my Zee 5 studios. As he recently signed a Five-Film-Deal with them.

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