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Faridoon Shahryar, Syed Ahmad Afzal and Anjala Jamal’s “Kharaashon Ka Guldasta” gets a release date!

3rd Pole Originals is a Record Label founded by the brother-sister duo of Syed Ahmad Afzal and Anjala Jamal, under their London based Production Company, Dilliwalah Films UK Ltd.

Photo courtesy Faridoon team
Photo courtesy Faridoon team

And they are coming out with their first offering “Kharaashon ka Guldasta” starring Shiksha mandal.


Actress Iram Badar Khan and Harshit Anurag, conceptualized and Directed by Syed Ahmad Afzal and sung by Faridoon Shahryar.


With 3rd Pole Originals, Afzal and Anjala want to create a platform for independent, aspiring and upcoming artistes. As Anjala puts it,


“3rd Pole Originals is a record label of, by and for the independent artistes. It’s like a democratic platform, inviting artistes from all walks of life under a single umbrella and giving them the apt environment to thrive and grow. Since the independent music scene is doing quite well in South East Asia and rest of the world, we also thought of taking the plunge. We are currently scouting for fresh talent in the field of music and plan to provide them with a pedestal, from where they would be able to showcase their craft to a wider reach of audience.”

Anjala and Afzal are quite confident that the kind of unconventional amalgamation of sound and content they want to bring into the mainstream, will surely create its own following and audience.”


On being asked about the inspiration behind 3rd Pole Originals, Afzal had this to say,


“I strongly feel that music has its own feet. Feet which never touch the ground. They are just meant to float in air and hence can’t be kept restricted within the realms of any borders. Through my film journey, I developed a good ear for music. I feel it’s all about being instinctive, when you are out there to pick good music. I am told that people now expect good music from my cinema and each time I am making a film, that plays on mind. Not taking it as any kind of pressure, I approach it as a challenge each time. To come up with better music with each film. Guess all this time I was manifesting an independent record label. It was just a matter of time. My sister Anjala and I floated Dilliwalah Films UK Ltd in London, with the sole purpose of venturing into Film Production. Our film Production company is dedicated to the loving memory of our late mother, Naheed Taban. With the success of the British film rebate policy, several avenues related to Cinema Production opened up and Music is a significant one amongst them. Music is an art form that has a diversified audience without any language or geographical borders. “

Talking about the moment when they actually decided to float 3rd Pole Originals, Anjala remarked,


“When my brother shared with me this gem of a track gifted to him by Faridoon Shahryar, I was completely blown away. My brother told me about his plans to shoot a music video on the same track and that is when it clicked that we should also release it on our own. And thus 3rd Pole Originals was born.”


The poster of the music video was launched on Faridoon Shahryar’s birthday on23rd February, speaking on his association , Faridoon mentioned,


 “Kharashon Ka Guldasta is a wonderful experience musically, poetically and visually. I can’t wait for the world to experience it. Working with friends, Afzal and Anjala gave me the comfort to be natural and bring my original flow to the song”


Iram Badar Khan, who debuted in the MX Player Super-Hit Web Series Shiksha Mandal. Also, features in Syed Ahmad Afzal’s “Kharaashon ka Guldasta.”


Harshit Anurag plays the male lead in the same music video. The video will be released on 3rd March 2023 on 3rd Pole Originals Youtube Channel.

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