Posted on February 9, 2023 at 8:28 pm

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Arbaz Releases His New Single Party Anthem Condo

Arbaz Releases His New Single Party Anthem Condo

Arbas Releases His New Single Party Anthem Condo

Norwegian bilingual Singer, Songwriter, and producer ARBAZ release his new single ‘Condo’.
‘Condo’ is a light-hearted song that lyrically pays homage to the South Asian music scene through punchlines and references. Produced by ARBAZ himself, ‘Condo’ is the second single off his debut EP ‘Desi Scandinavian’, which resonates with his signature sound of ‘Desi meets West’ fusion. The track was put together during the pandemic, where like many ARBAZ was suffering from isolation and missing out on his social life. Tapping into his imagination, ARBAZ coped by envisioning a party at his condo to ignite good vibes and turn what seemed like such a dark time into something positive.

With lockdowns in the past, ARBAZ was able to recreate this reality in the music video for ‘Condo’, which has feel-good, striking visuals and brings the essence of the track to life.
Speaking on the track ARBAZ states, “I made the beat for ‘Condo’ first time in 2020 during the first lockdown and was inspired lyrically during the second lockdown. I had imagined that I was in my condo and car garage with my car with a lot of friends having a good time to this track. It was the ultimate lockdown house party that was in my head, and it helped me get through a very isolated period. As with most of my music ‘Condo’ is a Hip-Hop track that embraces my culture and identity.”

Originally known for being a rapper, ARBAZ is remembered for his unforgettable performance at the final in “Melodi Grand Prix Jr. 2010”, and the final in “UKM competitions” (2009) in Norway. With a strong passion for giving back to his community, ARBAZ has been involved in many youth initiatives, including being dubbed in a youth series called “AF1” on NRK-Norwegian National TV channel, performing at the Norway Youth Football Cup and headlining the Red Cross 150th Anniversary at Oslo City Hall.

ARBAZ’s debut EP ‘Desi Scandinavian’ which is out now has already been creating noise in the scene, with the artist being tipped as the ‘one to watch’ by DJs across the world.
Having already gained support from the likes of BBC Asian Network, Brit Asia and B4U Music, ARBAZ is no stranger to the music scene. With a selection of visually striking music videos on the way, 2023 promises more music, collaborations, and a long-awaited tour.

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