Posted on February 7, 2023 at 2:05 am

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Ambuj Dixit wants to work towards stray welfare in the future

Actor Ambuj Dixit is very fond of his pet dog. He has an 8-year-old labrador retriever named Romeo who is also his first pet and his best buddy.


Photo Courtesy Ambuj Dixit Team
Photo Courtesy Ambuj Dixit Team


“I always wanted a dog since I was a kid but could never convince my parents about it and by the time they said yes I was about to leave my home for my graduation. So in Mumbai, after years of living in a studio apartment, when I shifted to a little bigger place, I decided to have a dog. I got him from a pet shop. I always wanted a labrador as a kid because of their goofy and lovable personality. Finally, Romeo came into my life,” says the actor, known for his short film Antara and web series Damaged.

Romeo’s entry changed his life completely.

“It felt as if he was the friend I always wanted. He kind of filled the void of that missing friend from my childhood. He also made me more responsible and realised that it’s not easy to have a dog. One has to be very responsible in taking care of them as they become a part of your family,” he adds.

Pets, especially dogs, show us joy and make us laugh, and even listen to us like they know exactly what we’re saying. For Ambuj, Romeo too is his stress buster.

“Having a dog or any pet is experiencing joy and enrichment. Romeo acts as a great source of my happiness. No matter how tired and stressed out I feel, when I return after a long day at work, the affection he gives me is bound to make me feel better and happy,” he says.

Ambuj’s favourite time with Romeo is when he takes him out for a drive in his car, something that his pet also enjoys a lot. So, the duo often do this to spend some quality time together.

Being an animal lover, the actor wants to do something for the welfare of dogs in future.

“I would like to offer as much help as I can to all the dogs who are either sick or abandoned or need shelter and food. I wish to create a place for them where they can live and enjoy their life to the fullest. It is still a far-fetched dream but I hope it will come true sometime soon,” he adds.

In India, cruelty towards strays seems to be on the rise. Animal welfare ministry as well as activists are working towards it.

“That’s one of the most inhumane things to ever do to animals. As much as cruelty exists towards them I also see there are many people who care for their betterment and do their best possible way to provide them with food and affection. I think over the years there has been more and more awareness towards the issue and they are being taken care of but more needs to be done. The change is coming and will continue, all we have to do is keep working towards it. There should be stricter laws towards any kind of cruelty happening against animals,” he signs off.

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