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Ad Singh Fashion Designer A Bridal Couture Savant

Ad Singh Fashion Designer A Bridal Couture Savant

Ad Singh Fashion Designer A Bridal Couture Savant

AD SINGH is one of India’s hottest fashion designers known for his stylish bridal and evening wear. A graduate of WLC UK he is one of the most sought-after designers to do shows for brand launches and corporate houses & fashion weeks. His personal style always comprises glamour garments and shimmer teamed up with Swarovski crystals and innovative cuts that are extremely feminine and fluid. With a strong fan family and top-notch celebrity clientele to adorn ad Singh garments the names come from both Hollywood and Bollywood including Nelly Furtado, Minishaa Lamba, Bhumika Chawla, Harbhajan Singh, and many others.

First of all, thank you for being our guest AD. Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born into a highly educated family and naturally, education was one of the most important areas while growing up – Despite being raised in an affluent business family – My mum & dad always made sure I’m doing well in school, took an active interest in my education and always told me “you can be whatever u like in life, but make sure u always have formal education and degree to fall back too”. It’s because of their constant motivation that I successfully did an MBA with majors in international marketing and finance followed by my real passion for fashion – with post-graduate education in Fashion.

What made you decide to choose such a competitive career?
Fashion, as many view it – is not competitive. It’s creative- U create stuff that you like or imagine like an artist and you have people who share similar tastes and want to adorn that clothing because it’s a reflection of what they are. What their state of mind is and what their attitude is…… It’s a different level of high when you have your brand name endorsed by someone who wears you on their skin.

How long does it usually take to design one outfit from start to finish?
I have a team of over 150 people working for me – and we can create an outfit in as less as 10 business days. But bespoke outfits take time because they go through various levels of creative thinking not just by me but also by the entire team – which consists of skilled artisans, color theorists, pattern makers, fabric merchandisers, embroidered, and seamstresses. Now we also have an additional layer of vetting that involves the photography value of the outfit where we work to enhance the media look for the garment that we work on. The final outfit is then worked with the industrial relations that we have built over the year with jewelry and accessory designers that literally complete the look.

Now let’s talk about the glam….. Have you entered fashion shows? Tell us more about the experience
I have done various fashion weeks – Lakme fashion week, Kerala International fashion week, Punjab international fashion week, Mumbai fashion week, Hyderabad fashion week – in fact I have done almost every season of it so much that I have literally gotten over them. The last one was the Chandigarh fashion week right before covid hit. To me, fashion weeks are more for adding the glam factor but not a stage to convert the shows into a business model as it happens in Milan, Paris, or New York. That phase has still to catch up for the Indian Couture industry. I enjoy and continue to feel excited by putting up shows for brand endorsements and product launches – I have done quite a few of them for real estate companies like Mighty Infra, BMW, Mercedez, and many others including airlines like Indigo, and Hotels like Novotel.

If you had to dress a celebrity? Who that would be?
If I had to choose someone I would like to dress it would be Beyonce – Kendall Jenner. I feel they have that oomph factor to do justice to my creations especially the Swarovski crystal overflow outfits we do.

What is the most exciting part of dress design?
The most exciting part of the design is the power to be creative, it’s the power to make someone look spectacular – it’s that power that helps me dress the most beautiful creation of GOD – a woman and turn a woman from being gorgeous to being DROP DEAD Gorgeous.

What does a regular day look like for you?
My regular day actually begins with a follow-up with my creative team and touching base with all our departments in India. followed by an in-depth discussion with our creative and productive team. At any point in the day, I have exact knowledge of where we are with any of our client orders or any of the new collection outfits that we are working on. Afternoons are reserved for generally high-tier (net worth) brides that were something commissioned exclusively for them. these meetings are intense. The evening is followed by light appointments over video calls with clients who wish to speak to me or do a consultation for one of the outfits from our collection. The last part of the day is spent with my children, fooling around with friends over social media ( you know the boy humor lame jokes), and then a visit to the Gurdwara to thank waheguruji for an amazing day.

If you have to collaborate? Which fashion designer that would be?
I have really never thought of collaborating with any brand in Canada as well. but I would love to collaborate with Nudestik a makeup brand from Toronto – I like the effortless beauty factor that they have. I would also love to engage with Laspa for their contribution to natural beauty products which is so important in this day and age. I’m still searching for a Canadian label that can enrich and collaborate with our detailed embroideries and come up with a mind-boggling Fusion collection for a more ready-to-wear – let’s get off the boring winter jackets to something more fun quirky and alive !!!
AD, Thank you for being our guest. Please share some thoughts with your fans.
I always tell my fans – fashion is a very serious business and also a state of mind- So take it seriously, make sure you have a signature style and always go for something that makes you feel great and not something that looks great in the wardrobe!

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