Posted on January 6, 2023 at 7:04 am

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What makes Tanishk Bagchi the trendsetter in the music industry?

Tanishk Bagchi has established himself ground up as one of the promising lyricist and composer in the music industry.

Photo courtesy Tanishk Bagchi team
Photo courtesy Tanishk Bagchi team

He’s made us fall in love with Raatan Lambiyaan, Manike Hite, Bana Sharabi, Nach Punjaban to name a few.


He is the true hit- generator in the music industry. Here are 5 reasons why he is a trendsetter of the industry.

Trendy music You can’t Stop Grooving On


Gen Z is going gaga over remixes and Tanishk knows how to hit the right note by mixing songs that have been a cult.


Tip Tip Barsa Paani, Kya Baat Hai 2.0 are some of Bagchi’s mixes that you can’t miss to shake a leg on.

Setting The Tone For Trends


Making creative videos requires some kickass music and Bagchi knows how to set the mood for every trend. Aafat, Manike Hite, Makhna, Jeda Nasha are examples of popular ones among Gen Z.


A class apart Lyricist


With some phenomenal remixes, Bagchi is also the master of word play. Some examples that took all social media by storm are Bana Sharabi and Raatan Lambiyan. Aren’t we all hooked on these songs?


More Than A Regular Composer

Tanishk Bagchi is one of the artists who loves to experiment with music. He is more than just your regular music composer. With a variety of songs he proved himself to be a super hit making machine. He composes original music and also experiments with classical hits.

Music for Everyone

Being a young and enthusiastic music composer and lyricist Bagchi loves to break stereotypes. With a long list of some hit music, there is something for everyone to groove on. Be it a wedding, house party or an event, Bagchi’s playlist is here for your rescue.

Which is your Favorite song of Tanishk Bagchi? Seriously we can’t choose one!

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