Posted on January 10, 2023 at 8:18 pm

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Soumita Saha’s Video Represents India In Iver Heath Film Festival

Soumita Saha’s Video Represents India In Iver Heath Film Festival

Soumita Saha’s Music Video Represents India in Iver Heath, England’s Lift Off Filmmaker Session Film festival 2023

The feeling of the National song Vandematram to be played in an International film festival held in Iver Heath, England already gives a joyous feeling pretty difficult to be expressed in words. The Architect that made this bridge exist is an architect by qualification in real. The year 2023 started on a soaring note for Singer Soumita Saha. 2022 wiped out on a favorable note as her recent release from Raga Music Communications was riding chart of a promising number of plays on various music streaming platforms. 2023 assured a little more to be her year too as her Music Video ” Vandemataram Mantra Gaan” got Selected for Lift Off Filmmaker Session in Iver Heath England, the festival is to be held by Pinewood Studios. The festival is coordinated by Lift off Global Media. Soumita has got a separate fan base for her spectacular skill in the art as well as her grasp on music. Riding chart of Popularity the young singing diva created astounding magic on canvas and blended her crafts in her Music Video Vandemataram Mantra Gaan. Soumita’s rendition of Vandemataram was released on Independence day 2022. Melotunes records were in charge of releasing the song.

Music Rearrangement was done by Arindam Bhadra popularly known by his nickname Bumba. Agniv Chatterjee did justice to the cinematography. The music video features relevant places in the country and Soumita, the unique part is that the singer was seen Painting “Bharat Maata” in her music video which makes this music video unique.

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