Posted on January 26, 2023 at 1:04 am

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Shalin Bhanot’s Family Launches Charity ReCreating His Bigg Boss Wardrobe!

Actor Shalin Bhanot who has been the most talked about contestant of the season, has been complimented time and again for his unique wardrobe on the Weekend episodes.  This past weekend when Salman Khan spoke about Shalin’s Black Cleavage Suit, Shalin replied saying that he feels bad that these clothes are hardly worn once.

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For the uninitiated, Shalin’s Weekend Ka Vaar outfits are not sourced from designers which most actors and contestants usually do but rather everything has been customized for Shalin as per his preferences.  Listening to their son, Shalin’s family along with his team quickly had his returned clothes remade and designed for orphanage children.

Shalin’s Father shares,

“Shalin echoed such a beautiful thought that we felt if not now then when.  Shalin has been getting so much love in his Bigg Boss journey that it’s a must to give back.  And usually when we donate, we donate the clothes as is but with the Let’s SHAre initiative we are saying that lets meet the true needs and redo the clothes for children.  The response when we spoke to our near and dear ones was immense and I’m sure Shalin is going to be thrilled when he comes out and will do a lot more than even when we can post his Bigg Boss journey towards this initiative.  He has always believed in giving back be it Kamatipura or any of the other causes that he is associated with.”

With Let’s ReSHAre Shalin‘s shirts and jackets have been beautifully tailor made into dresses for young girls, scarves and it looks like a lot of thought has been put into doing this.

Photo Courtesy Shalin Bhanot Team
Photo Courtesy Shalin Bhanot Team


Photo Courtesy Shalin Bhanot Team
Photo Courtesy Shalin Bhanot Team
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