Posted on January 12, 2023 at 5:04 am

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Rupali Ganguly on riding a scooter for Anupamaa’s recent sequence!

Anupama and Anuj riding bikes together in the recent track of the number one trp show ‘Anupamaa’ on Starplus, was quite the highlight for ‘Maan’ fans.

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While the entire sequence looked easy and breezy on screen, shooting it was definitely a new challenge for our Anupama aka Rupali.

The actress was taught by the entire unit how to ride a scooter and while it was initially challenging, Rupali eventually enjoyed the entire experience. She shares,

“I have never driven a scooter before. There has infact always been this fear for scooters because of my cousin sister who had fallen off one years ago. So I never had the guts to ever try out riding one. Then this sequence came up for Anupama where riding a scooter was mandatory. I initially requested them to change the scooter to a cycle as I am more comfortable with a cycle, but the scene required a scooter and the director also wanted some scooter shots which we had to go ahead with.”

Rupali elaborates,

“Our director Abhay was very sweet about it and even offered to sit behind me to ensure I try it out once. He very sweetly trusted me and that gave me the confidence to go ahead with this step. The entire unit taught me how to ride the scooter. They were so excited that it built up my own enthusiasm to ride it. I eventually followed what they said and everyone including Abhay were more excited than me for my first scooter ride experience. The entire experience was amazing. Thanks to Anupama, the makers, Rajan Shahi and the writers, I could learn something new and exciting. I loved it and it was so exhilarating. No wonder people are so addicted to them. Riding a scooter has now been added to the list of all the new things I have learnt whilst shooting for Anupamaa”.

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