Posted on January 12, 2023 at 4:53 am

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Shalin’s mother had a special request for Shalin on behalf of his father!

The family week in Bigg Boss has been an emotional roller coaster ride for the inmates as well as the audience. With some tears, there was a lot of laughter too.

The family members entered in groups. The camaraderie between Shalin & Shiv’s mom was endearing, whereas Archanas’s brother tickled everyone’s funny bone. Farah Khan brought up the entertainment quotient & celebrated her birthday with everyone.

Shalin’s mother brought in smiles & instantly got along with everyone. She called Shiv her third  son & Sumbul her daughter, she even complimented Tina for her expressive eyes.

Shalin & his mother sat down & discussed his game & aunty had some genuine advice. She later told him about a special request his father had for Shalin. Shalin’s father had sent across a message through his wife that Shalin sing a song. He sings on national television Naina thug lenge from the movie Omkara sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Not many know that Aunty herself has her MA in music & Shalin too has a fondness for singing.

He obliged & sang.

Shalin thus proves his a full entertainment package. We have already seen his physique & his exceptional dance moves, now his fans have seen him sing too. Is there something he cannot do!

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