Posted on January 9, 2023 at 4:23 am

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Official Statement from Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia’s Father in response to Miss Priyanka’s Team’s Statement

The following Statement is in reply to the official statement made by Miss Priyanka’s team on her official social media accounts earlier today with regard to the Bigg Boss Weekend Episode telecasted on the 7th January 2023.

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The statement by Nimrit’s Father was in response to a question floated by the team regarding the social media trollers. The  answer came from a deeply hurt and anguished Father who has witnessed unnecessary & totally unjustified bitterness & hatred against his daughter from  only one person’s so called fandom right from the inception of the show .

Says Nimrit Ahluwalia’s Father

“We firmly believe that no responsible and genuine fan will ever stoop to the ugly levels of openly giving death and rape threats or spread hatred by body shaming, age shaming, mocking my daughter’s anxiety and even her community. “

We hold responsible some kind of deliberate & condescending social media strategy by that person’s team, who on multiple instances have put up posts and shared stories on the verified profiles of Ms Priyanka trying to baselessly degrade  Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, like for instance underhandedly trying to make fun of her emotions while reading the family letter that was sent inside the house a few weeks back.

Doing so, her team has purposely encouraged the so called irresponsible fans trying to openly troll & target Nimrit Ahluwalia. It seemed that our dignified silence was being mistaken & misconstrued as a sign of weakness. I am sure if Ms Priyanka has genuine and responsible fans, they will not only maintain her dignity but will also give the other contestants their due hard earned respect & behave in a manner that is lot more graceful. This has nothing to do personally with Miss Priyanka Chaudhary or her family.

Let’s all remember that a true winner & real leader is never made by pulling someone down but by creating a winning pathway along with winning everyone’s hearts on the way to the top, be it contestants, fans or the viewers.

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