Posted on January 20, 2023 at 5:23 am

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‘Main nai Badli’! Manu Punjabi hails Sumbul Touqeer’s stay in the house!

“Main sabse alag hoon!” said Sumbul Touqeer recently during an episode of Bigg Boss where she had to tell everyone why she deserved to go to the finale, and we couldn’t agree more! At the age of 19 years, the actress has managed to win millions of hearts with her absolutely realistic portrayal of herself! We are not the only ones who is saying this, Bigg Boss ex contestant Manu Punjabi is too!

He recently put out a video of social media where he speaks about Sumbul and how natural she is on screen. “Yeh meri real personality hai, Bigg Boss wake up alarm lagate hai, par mujhe farak padha? Yeh meri real personality hai!” says Manu, imitating Sumbul. He also goes on to talk about how she makes sure to do what comes absolutely natural to her on screen, despite what she is told. Well, not many can stand by what they real feel and continue to be themselves in midst of so much upheaval.

We say this, and many will agree that Sumbul comes across as someone who is so confident of herself. Despite being the youngest contestant in the house to cross 100 days ever, and having unparalled fan support, Sumbul is not in the lease bit arrogant. In fact, we now see a very carefree girl, enjoying each and every moment in the house. And we love it!

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