Posted on January 19, 2023 at 3:13 am

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Sumbul Touqeer stands up for herself, and how!

While many may get scared by actress Priyanka Chahar’s loud voice and aggressive demeanour, or start acting like her, actress Sumbul Touqeer is different. Even though she might be just 19 years old, she knows how to handle the likes of Priyanka, how!

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In last night’s episode, Bigg Boss commands the housemates to unanimously decide who they think deserves the ticket more than Nimrit.

Sumbul takes her own name first and, then says Nimrit. This leads to a bullying session by Priyanka where she tries to demean Sumbul for not understanding the game! Priyanka argues that the task is about taking names apart from Nimrit. It leads to a lot of a screaming between the two! However, Sumbul sure knows how to handle the situation.

Priyanka says BB has asked to take names other than Nimrit, and calls her “Over smart”. Sumbul, in return, says everyone can see how jealous Priyanka is. Sumbul says that she has given Nimrit’s name because she’s better than everyone. She then changes her second name to Shiv.

However, Priyanka is not done as yet! She aggressively tells Sumbul not to get personal! Sumbul tells her to sit down! Priyanka taunts Sumbul that she will start crying now! However, Sumbul says she don’t need to talk to Priyanka!

Well, that is how you handle a fight! We are surely enjoying this new avatar if Sumbul in the house!

Not only this, later in the day, Shalin tries to clear things with Sumbul, telling her that he never said she loved him. Prior to this conversation, he even gets into a very loud fight with Tina about this. However, Sumbul makes sure to make it clear to Shalin that they need to stop dragging her name into their fights! And about the statement he made about her loving him, she tells him clearly that she doesn’t care!

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