Posted on January 2, 2023 at 2:00 am

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Here’s how Harsh Rajput plans to welcome New Year 2023

After a memorable 2022 that is soon to end, Harsh Rajput is completely ready to welcome 2023 with open arms.


Photo courtesy Harsh team
Photo courtesy Harsh team

The Pishachini famed actor who portrays the character of Rocky in it already has made several plans for the upcoming new year.


The actor shared,


“2022 has been great to me both professionally and personally and I feel extremely to it. Now, with 2023 soon to begin, I am way too excited to see how it unfolds for me. I’m hoping for some great surprises. Having said that there are a few things I have already planned for the new year. I plan on having some new beginnings and turning my 2023 into a year of accomplishments. I want to continue this successful journey that started a few years with lots of positivity and hope.”


Harsh further went ahead and shared details about his new year’s resolution. He said,


“I want to bring more discipline to my life. So, you can say it’s my new year’s resolution. The reason is one of my favorite quotes that states a person cannot keep himself motivated all the time, there he needs to have discipline. Lastly, I will maintain my amazing routine and wish everyone reading this to have a happy, positive, and disciplined 2023.”

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