Posted on January 17, 2023 at 7:33 am

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Divya Agarwal shares a heartwarming video celebrating Makar Sankranti with her house help

Divya Agarwal is one of the most loved and celebrated actresses in the entertainment industry.

Photo courtesy Divya Agarwal team
Photo courtesy Divya Agarwal team

She rose to fame with her stint in Bigg Boss OTT where she emerged as the winner of the show.


Since then has been the talk of the town be it for her work projects or vocalising and inspiring millions with her thoughts and opinions.


Recently many celebs took to social media to share their best wishes on the festival but what caught our attention was Divya Agarwal special video. In which she shared on her Instagram celebrating Makar Sankranti with her house help.


Well how cute and inspiring is that!
She shared an interesting story in the caption which mentioned,


” As I said, it was a lazy day, it started with a little work stress, The BIGGER STRESS – MY HOUSE HELP BAILED ON ME Hand it made me Do all the work and I was super upset! Super bored, scrolling through my Instagram. Then apurva showed up! we had some home food and I was ranting how stressful and lazy Sunday it was with coughing after every statement. To everything @apurva.insta just replies – “theek hai na! Ho jayega sab! Dekh lenge. Koi baat nai” and then my ranting was all done.
I smiled and just started winding up my day as I wanted to wake up early and again start my day with full motivation.
I made a nice cup of chai and was sipping in my balcony with just random thoughts breathing calm.
While in the balcony with lovely thoughts, the door bell rings and I see my HOUSE HELP dressed in a beautifulIIIII green saree with a big smile on her face! She did her hair, makeup, wore a beautiful jewellery and showed up with a thali and asked me to get ready!
I immediately put on a simple kurta took a random duppatta, put on a little make up and got ready!
What should I say? It looks like this when you do something in your life! I am so overwhelmed with how our traditions and festivals bring us together, the deeper meaning of all these cultural events are just inner happiness.
Traditions and cultures are such beautiful part of our life, one needs to just embrace it with simple thoughts and sheer joy
Ranjana tai THANK YOU! you are a Rockstar! “

Divya was last seen in the song Resham Ka Rumal which has currently crossed over 15 million views.


With her back to back projects and music video coming up fans truly can’t wait for what’s in the store next!

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