Posted on December 5, 2022 at 7:30 am

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Vidyut Jammwal fan to meet the actor in mumbai, having cycled 1600 kms from Panipat

We all know that Vidyut Jammwal fans are on a different level. Their love and respect for the actor has always been strong and unusual and often the fans show their love in different memorable ways.

Photo courtesy Vidyut team
Photo courtesy Vidyut team

We already know of more than a dozen fans who have gotten the daredevil’s name inked. But one Jammwalion. He decided to show his love and spirit for both the actor and his ethos by cycling all the way from Panipat to meet the actor.


The fan wanted to show his admiration for the actor by surprising the fitness guru and took upon the journey of travelling all the way from Panipat to Mumbai. Which is nearly 1600 kms on a bicycle! He is already on his way and is scheduled to reach Mumbai by 6th dec.


While this isnt the first time Jammwalions have wowed the world by their dedication. It definitely is the first time one has taken upon such a quest just to meet Vidyut Jammwal.


The actor himself routinely participates in near impossible activities and inspires his fans to keep fit and train. So of course the best gift for the actor would be for a fan to really honor the actors words. Like this fan did to show his love. Vidyut Jammwal truly runs his own country of fans.


The admiration and adoration the actor gets is unusual and pure. The actor too gives back just as much as he gets.

He is super close to his fandom and has often given car rides to fans and treats them like royalty unlike any other actor.

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