Posted on December 20, 2022 at 3:06 pm

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Swayam Bhatia’s Journey into Acting

Swayam Bhatia
Photo courtesy of Swayam Bhatia’s team

Swayam Bhatia, an upcoming Indian-American actress, is seeing her newest release, “The Mighty Ducks: The Game Changer” on Disney Plus bring in accolades for her performance. A New York City based actress, Bhatia started her professional career at the age of three, as a singer, dancer, and actress. 

We spoke to Bhatia to learn about her journey as an actress, and to hear more about her role as Sofi in “The Mighty Ducks”. 


How did you initially get into acting? 


“It all started with dance classes! I’ve loved Bollywood music from a young age and while I was living in Dubai, I had the opportunity to perform alongside Priyanka Chopra at the Meydan. After a few years of competing and performing at events, my mom and I moved to the US. Since then, I’ve been continuously training and auditioning, while being a part of many exciting projects.”


 Have you been a part of both TV shows and theater shows? Are there any differences between both mediums? 


“I’m passionate about the arts and I’d be happy doing both, but I’ve always loved being on screen. I made my professional debut in the cast of “Really Rosie” at the New York City Center. I’ve had Broadway and Off-Broadway experience, and the feeling of performing in front of a live audience is just amazing. When it comes to being on set, it’s another level of fascination. The sounds, the trailers, the makeup – it’s like being in a world of make-believe.” 


Swayam Bhatia
Photo courtesy of Swayam Bhatia’s team

For many actors, working in television is a completely different experience than working in theater shows, and we wanted to ask Bhatia about her time as a theater actor. 


Having participated in a few theater drama shows, would you say that there’s a difference between television and theater mediums? If so, what are the differences/similarities? 

“The similarity is that in both theater and television, you’re transforming yourself into another person and executing a character. There’s a fair amount of research, character development, and acting style choices that need to be considered, regardless of the medium. The difference being that in theater you are connecting with a live audience and while filming a TV show, you’re performing for a camera.”


How was the audition process for “The Mighty Ducks”? Do you have any memorable moments or experiences from filming?

“The audition process was before the pandemic, so it was all in-person. After several rounds, I was flown to Los Angeles for a test/chemistry read and a month later, I booked the job. There are so many memorable moments from filming! One of the best was during Season 1, I had an on-set birthday party for when I turned 13 and became a teenager. From this season, although there are a lot, I would have to say getting to shadow Jay Chandrasekhar – one of our incredible directors. I got to learn so much about what goes on the other side of the camera. Also, I had the opportunity to co-write and direct a rap for Episode 7, which was a lot of fun.”


You’re considered a triple threat in the acting world: you sing, act, and are trained in classical forms of dance. How do you feel that has helped you in your career journey, if at all?

“My parents have always taught me to focus on development and education. That means continuing to train in all aspects of the arts, and to this day, I’m enrolled in the pre-professional program at Alvin Ailey and I’m still training classically in music. I knew long ago that I wanted to have a music career, so I love working on that. I’m learning songwriting and music production, and ultimately would like to release my original songs.”

Swayam Bhatia
Photo courtesy of Swayam Bhatia’s team

What is one thing most people don’t know about you that you wish they did?


“A lot of people don’t know that I love to travel and cook! I like to say that I make the best guacamole!”


In addition to acting and dancing, Bhatia has also walked in several fashion shows, including New York Fashion Week. We are excited to see her new work!

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