Posted on December 28, 2022 at 1:00 am

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“Playing Natasha really helped me to connect with the vulnerability and the strength of being a woman”- Hina Khan

This Zee Theatre teleplay also features actors Kunaal Roy Kapur and Chandan Roy Sanyal in the lead. Popular film and television actor Hina Khan is thrilled that in 2022, she has manifested her dream of doing a theatrical project.

Photo courtesy Hina team
Photo courtesy Hina team

Hina is excited about her project ‘Shadyantra’, a Zee Theatre teleplay where she plays Natasha.


The heiress of a construction company and a loving wife who suddenly finds herself face-to-face with a tragedy that forces her to reevaluate her relationships.


Chandan Roy Sanyal plays her husband Rohan while Kunaal Roy K Kapur plays Mohan Khanna, a cop. Hina says,


“Playing Natasha really helped me to connect with the vulnerability and the strength of being a woman and even though certain scenes were very challenging both physically and emotionally. I learnt a lot from her character’s graph. I hope to continue doing similar projects on the small and big screen and want to tell all my fans to not miss ‘Shadyantra.’ Both Chandan and Kunaal have done a fabulous job and I have invested all my heart and soul in Natasha so do watch our labour of love!”


“Shadyantra’ is a suspenseful, psychological thriller embedded with many surprises! It is my first experience with the teleplay format and offered me a great opportunity to learn and broaden my horizons as an actor. It was also a wonderful opportunity to work with seasoned theatre exponents like Chandan Roy Sanyal, Ganesh Yadav and even Kunaal who has done plays before.” Says Hina.


Hina was a bit nervous about whether she would be able to match their level of dexterity but recalls,


“They were all very helpful and helped me to understand concepts like projection, blocking and so much more. Our director Mr Ganesh Yadav is fabulous when it comes to providing guidance, feedback and insights into characters. We all bonded like a family and made many memories and I would say that the whole experience has made me into a much more confident actor.”

Directed by Ganesh Yadav, the teleplay also stars Shruti Bapna, Anang Desai and Sumukha. It will be aired on 25th December at Dish TV & D2H Rangmanch active and Airtel Theatre at 8 pm. It is also available on Zee5.

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