Posted on December 29, 2022 at 1:00 am

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“I lost all the weight with patience and consistency”, says Divya Agarwal as she urges her fans not to punish themselves for it.

Divya Agarwal has a fiery persona since she has always been outspoken about her opinions. She has often spoken up for social awareness in society. The actress speaks her mind without fear or hesitation.

Photo courtesy Divya Agarwal team
Photo courtesy Divya Agarwal team

Even while we all aspire to be as healthy and active as celebrities, you must understand that they worked extremely hard to get their toned bodies. In a recent Instagram story,


“30th September – realised that I was demotivated and gained a lot of weight! But I wasn’t hard on myself at all..I lost all the weight with patience and consistency! Remember it’s all in your head! Never punish yourself for it! Listen to your body and it will swing with you.”


Divya Agarwal discussed gaining weight in the month of September 2022. She talked about how challenging it had been for her to lose weight. While many people think that in order to lose weight.


It is necessary to adhere to a strict diet and work out every day. Divya advised being consistent, having patience, and having faith in yourself. She viewed these things favourably and had faith in the process.


In terms of her performance on the professional front, Divya totally nailed the song with “Resham ka Rumal”. She also appears incredibly fit and fabulous. We have all seen how amazing Divya has been in all of her previous performances, and her admirers can’t wait for her to once again rock the screens.

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