Posted on December 28, 2022 at 1:39 am

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From the Cannes Film Festival to a first ever Teleplay Shadyantra, Hina Khan has made 2022 an eventful year

Actress Hina Khan has experienced quite an eventful year! From making a star studded appearance at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, to debuting with her very first teleplay Shadyantra, Hina has made quite a statement with impactful appearances in both spheres.

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Hina made a bang with her out of the box and super stylish fashion statements at Cannes. The actress was highlighted in the same bracket as stars like Anne Hathway, Deepika Padukone and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Known to be diverse with her work, Hina launched another poster of her upcoming artsy film Country of Blind.

While Hina Khan has been known as a true style icon over the last decade, her work as an actor has always been versatile. Be it TV, OTT or Films, or even Lines and Country of Blind which are more art based films that Hina took to Cannes, the actress has always ensured experimentation with her work, her roles, her script choices.

Her recent theatre debut with teleplay Shadyantra was another feather in the actress’s cap. Being a part of a brand new format of work, very different from the regular digital work the actress has been a part of, Hina was effortless in this theatrical televised drama. She was an absolute surprise package as the bold Natasha, wrapped in a web of lies told by her husband Rohan Tiwari (Chandan Roy Sanyal) who has plans to murder her, and trying to be a protector at the same time for her husband’s innocent lover who gets caught up in this family drama. With stellar performances from Hina, Chandan Roy Sanyal,Kunaal Roy Kapoor, Anang Desai and Shruti Bapna to add to the drama, Shadyantra proved to be a good first teleplay format for web.

After acing both a global representation and web representation with a first teleplay, Hina has done very well for herself this year! We hope that 2023 sees the actress in new light and more variety with the content she takes up and diversity with her work choices like she always gives us!

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