Posted on December 1, 2022 at 4:46 am

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Fans trend #FieryAnkitGupta and #AnkitIsTheBoss after witnessing his fierce avatar

Another smashing episode that was quite an interesting one kept everyone on their toes last tonight.

Photo courtesy Ankit team
Photo courtesy Ankit team

Things are beginning to heat up in the house, whether in fights or romance. So as Ankit Gupta in the last ranking task with his logical argument and one-liners.


Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia seems to have taken on the role of Captain seriously but completely lost the plot.


When she ranked the housemates based on their contributions and efforts in Bigg Boss 16.


The last episode showed Nimrit favouring her friends like Shiv Thakare. Ankit Gupta lost his cool over the same and slammed Nimrit for keeping him in a lower position for his involvement in the Bigg Boss house.


Ankit Gupta, however, holds a different opinion and calls out Nimrit for favoring her friend. Later in the task, Nimrit said,


“Ankit ko mai rank 11 dungi.”


Then, Ankit lost his composure and said,


“Sabse kam involvement ke baad bhi, nauve hafte tak yaha pe hoon, ye aap sab ke muh pe chaata hai.”

The inmates cheered for him at the end of the video. The way he is playing and vocalizing his opinions clearly proves how much fans like him.


For the last two days he was continuously trending on Twitter, where fans are writing,


“Thanks @manupunjabim3 for keeping #AnkitGupta at the top when it comes to personality. Contestants in a reality show should be judged on the character. Contribution in onion, potato fights & fake drama for content & cameras is secondary. #AnkitIsTheBoss”

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