Posted on December 27, 2022 at 3:00 am

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Aayush Sharma mobbed on Bandstand amidst Christmas frenzy

Antim: The Final Truth fame Aayush Sharma‘s recent, overwhelming experience of a fan encounter incident is a glaring proof of the star’s crazy fandom.

Photo courtesy Aayush Sharma
Photo courtesy Aayush Sharma

On his way to his daughter’s birthday bash, Aayush Sharma was driving across Bandstand, Bandra to reach the venue, that’s when amongst the crowd gathered for Christmas celebration all over city.m


A huge number of fans mobbed the actor’s car and forced him to be delayed for about 45 mins in just a 500m vicinity.


Grateful and overwhelmed by the same, Aayush Sharma thanked his blessings for a fandom that widely loves and supports his journey and calibre.



The actor posted a video featuring him being mobbed alongwith a humble caption saying, “Thank you itna pyaar ke liye.. aap hi mere Santa Ho. Merry Christmas”.

He also reshared insta stories of fans who captured him, further showing his huge family of fans.


Emerging as a triumph story with the blooming success of his film Antim: The Final Truth. Aayush Sharma turned into an overnight sensation with fans mobbing him everywhere he went.


Continuing the craze of his stardom, alongwith the recent incident. An earlier encounter unfolded his star-power. As a young fan couldn’t stop her tears on meeting her favourite Aayush Sharma.

Aayush Sharma alongwith his wife Arpita would be hosting Superstar Salman Khan’s birthday party at their residence. Along with their daughter’s birthday who shares her special day with her Mamu.


Currently gearing up for his upcoming films including ‘AS04’. Aayush Sharma promises an extensive line-up.


Projecting his versatility with challenging projects one after another. Aayush Sharma is making a mark in Bollywood expanding his stardom.

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