Posted on November 28, 2022 at 11:45 pm

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People in the house mostly do things for the camera, says Ankit Gupta

Yet another jam-packed and action-filled episode of Bigg Boss 16 came to a close and this one was truly quite a crazy one.

Photo courtesy Ankit Gupta team
Photo courtesy Ankit Gupta team


Ankit Gupta makes headlines every week with their statements and style statement inside the house.


Where the house of Bigg Boss is full of unpredictability and uncertainty, Ankit Gupta is the one dark horse of the house as per Shekhar Suman.


In today’s nomination episode, when it’s Ankit’s chance to nominate one inmate, he nominated Tina. But the fun starts when Bigg boss asks for the reason and he said,


“Meri ghar main kise se koi ladai nhi hai jo merse jaise rheta hai main uske saath waise hi rheta hun.” Later in the episode, he also said, “people in the house are doing most of the things for the camera, they are just pretending.”


With this statement, netizens are praising him and the Bigg Boss former contestant Sreejita De commented,


“Somehow #AnkitGupta is becoming one of my favourites in #bb16 house. He talks less but when he says something he makes so much sense. Most genuine and sensible contestant.


In a recent interview, Shilpa Shinde who was the Bigg Boss winner too
mentioned Ankit Gupta as her favourite contestant in the house she said,


Ankit Gupta is the only sensible contestant in House, he is very smart and sensible.” Not just Shilpa many actors tweet for him daily and in his support.

This week Ankit is saved because he knows how much he needs to speak and how much he needs to play to win the game!

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