Posted on November 23, 2022 at 3:00 am

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Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia schools Archana Gautam after she disposes of garbage in her room

The upcoming week’s nominations took place in the latest episode of Bigg Boss. Nimrit and Tina were saved from the upcoming week’s eviction since Shiv has already saved them.

Photo courtesy Nimrit team
Photo courtesy Nimrit team

They further got the right to save and nominate each housemate in the house.

Later in the night, Archana Puts Garbage In Tina-Nimrit’s Room. At late night Archana cleans the kitchen while Soundarya keeps her accompanied.


Soundarya says that the kitchen is stinking. Archana claims that Tina leaves vegetables in open and thus it got spoiled. Archana then comes to Tina in her room and asks her to smell garbage.


Tina asks Archana to leave the room, while Nimrit was sleeping. Archana leaves the garbage bag in Tina and Nimrit’s room.


Nimrit and Tina slams Archana for the same as Nimrit was trying to make her understand she can discuss the same in the morning. Nimrit came out of the room and threw the garbage in the dustbin.

Later Nimrit’s fans came in support of and praises her. A Twitterati tweeted a beautiful poem, “Cute si sardarni Logical sardarni Bekhauf sardarni Sincere sardarni Responsible sardarni Sone jse Dil wali sardarni Samajhdar sardarni Cool si sardarni Dosto ki dost sardarni #NimritKaurAhluwalia.”

Another fan tweeted, “Archana ki bolti humesha nimrit ke samne bandh hotihe Kisi bhi fight mein Dekho dheyan se, jab nimrit ke sath Kuch HOTA hai toh woh awaaz shant Karke boltihe “Maine Tumhe Kuch nhi bola.”

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