Posted on November 23, 2022 at 4:00 am


Netizens upset with Ankit Gupta’s nomination in Bigg Boss 16; see tweets

Bigg Boss fans have always been vocal about the contestants and their games. Time and again, fans have talked about their favourite contestants, among other things.

Photo courtesy Ankita team
Photo courtesy Ankita team

Now, it is Ankit Gupta, who is one of the most loved contestants of this season, especially after today’s nomination task.


For the nomination task, Bigg Boss asked the housemates to turn into ‘killers’ and in every round, one killer is chosen. And then two contestants selected by Bigg Boss, had to convince the killer to shoot the other person.


Therefore, whoever gets killed, is nominated. Tina gets selected to be the killer. He is asked to choose between Sajid Khan and Ankit Gupta.


She chooses Sajid but still, Ankit was smiling and supportive in every scene. Meanwhile, as soon as the episode was live netizens have pointed out how they are unhappy with their favourite contestant’s nomination.


A user tweeted,


“Everyone do vote for this handsome! Iske bina agr BB dekhna pd gya to sb pgl ho jayenge. He is the only source of calmness in the house. So do vote please.”

Another fan wrote,


“Ankit kya kr rha hai tumhe pta nhi chl rha ye tumhari problem hai aise he itne celebrities uske support me hr roz appreciation tweet ni kr rhe Shekhar Suman openly usko support krre hai or aise he usse related post me itne like retweets nhi aate.”


The amount of support he is receiving clearly indicates that he has already won the hearts of the audience.

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