Posted on November 27, 2022 at 11:49 pm

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Netizens come out in support of Ankit Gupta

Bigg Boss 16 has got everyone hooked. The show hosted by Salman Khan has grasped everyone’s attention with all the drama unfolding inside the Bigg Boss house.

Photo courtesy Ankit team
Photo courtesy Ankit team

Ankit Gupta is trending on social media from day one for all that he is doing in the house.


The makers too are doing their best to create as much entertainment as possible through tasks.


In today’s episode, Ankit clearly stated that be doesn’t want to shout at Priyanka knowing the fact that Priyanka is always trying to overpower him.


In today’s episode, Shekhar takes a jibe at Priyanka and Ankit, saying,


“The way Priyanka fights with Ankit, she must be beating Ankit alone.” And this is no brainer that every day Priyanka tries to instigate Ankit in some or the other thing but from day one he has been trying to control his anger and emotions. Instead Ankit has always been a gentleman towards her.


As soon as the episode was out netizens also came in support of Ankit by saying,


“#AnkitGupta is hurt and affected this time badly by continuous taunting by host, best friend, housemates..his eyes & fake smile are saying a lots.. If a person is introvert & real at same time, also didn’t want to hurt anyone emotionally then that person has to go though all this”.


Another said,


“Ankit is also hurt it just that perspective and his feelings too It’s not always boys responsibility to make it right it’s 50-50 in friendship Ankit : I’m seriously done #biggboss16 #bb16 #PriyAnkit #AnkitGupta.”

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