Posted on November 22, 2022 at 3:00 am

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Gauahar Khan likes how original Ankit Gupta is, Fans too trend him as ‘FEARLESS’ contestant of the house

Bigg Boss 16 contestants find their own entertainment purpose as they have to spend their time in the house.


Photo courtesy Ankit team
Photo courtesy Ankit team


But netizens are just craving for more of Ankit Gupta with each episode. Whether taking a stand for his friends or being vocal about his opinions Ankit always proves to be one of the most Fearless contestant of the house.


In the recent episode when the host Salman Khan took everyone’s class and tried to sort out matters, Ankit was the only one who was correct with his analysis.


He is playing like a silent killer in the game. In today’s episode, when Salman Khan asked for Ankit’s opinion on Priyanka without any hesitation. He said that Priyanka is going wrong in some or the other way. He clearly mentioned where he agreed and where he didn’t.


However, Bigg Boss ex contestant and winner Gauahar Khan tweeted something very interesting about Ankit. She said,


“Maza toh tab aayega agar ankit show chup chap jeet Jaye. Hahahaha really like him for how original he is”.


This kind of support and love shows that he has the winning quality in him. He might be quite in some frames but he is playing like a wolf in the game!

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